Republican presidential hopefuls miss key opportunity

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    Tom Tancredo was the only Republican candidate to accept an invitation to speak at the NAACP national convention in Detroit today. Others cited scheduling conflicts; however Rudy Giuliani was in the state, scheduled to appear at a fund raiser the same evening.

    Eight Democratic candidates were expected to speak at the convention.

  2. pro2A

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    Would you expect Hilary or Obama to attend an NRA or an ACU function? The NAACP is all about the vitimhood of black people 150 years ago. I agree with Merc

    "Get over it" Politcal Correctness in this country has turned white males into the minority and it has gone too far. Most conservatives don't like political correctness.

    Thats just IMO though.
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    pro2a: If you're going to dismiss the NAACP, at least don't do it in a fashion that could be considered parody of people who are against the NAACP.

    "The NAACP is all about the victimhood of black people 150 years ago."
    This is the biggie. Do you seriously think the civil war was the be-all and end-all of black civil rights? That nothing, say, in the last few decades hasn't had to be done? Nothing still to be done in regards to racial equality?

    "Politcal Correctness in this country has turned white males into the minority"
    This is where you take a left turn into crazy-land. Did awareness of vocabulicular luggage somehow shift gender and racial demographics alone? Not only that, the only straightforward interpretation of the statement indicates the prescence of the exact racial attitudes that the NAACP was formed to combat for the sake of its own people.

    "Most conservatives don't like political correctness."

    They also like the death penalty, which is applied less to whites and more against blacks for the same crimes. As well as lower penalties for those who comit murder against blacks as against whites... Et cetera, et cetera.

    A few decades ago conservatives were in favor of a constitutional amendment against inter-racial marriage. Now theres still talk about an amendment against gay marriage.

    Its all the same pattern.

  4. JimServo

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    It's debatable whether or not it's a good idea for the Republicans to skip the NAACP convention. The NAACP is very much anti-Republican and it's leaders have repeatedly attacked President Bush and previous Republican Presidents. The head of the NAACP compared Republican judicial appointees to the Taliban.

    Some black conservatives find it objectionable that Republicans would speak to the NAACP because they feel they are "part of the problem" although others feel the party should try to pursuade others to join (rather then the usual pandering).

    Tone it down I think.

    White males have always really been a minority.

    I think the problem with groups such as the NAACP is the hurt blacks by demeaning them. They demand to take on the role of leadership for an entire ethnic group, and essentially declare that institutional racism makes it impossible for American blacks to compete at all. This is a very different message from the empowering, positive civil rights movement of the 1950s, and 1960s. Instead it stesses an inabilty to succeed, and dependence on an oppressive majority.

    Now, of course the Civil War was no end all of Civil Rights and it is unfortunate to think that people would think so. The smashing of the slave system with 600,000 American dead was an important but a deep racism remained with the new segregation system (that soon spread North).

    The economic, and social accomplishments of Black Americans from the post-Civil War era to the pre-Civil rights era is extremely underestimated. That the Jim Crowe regime collapsed in the television is no coincidence (widely spread images of innocents attacked by dogs, screamed at by mobs, and shot at by hoses had a major impact).

    What must be done is to undue the damage of Great Society and it's successor's attempts to engineer society. Racism in America is nothing like it once was, and the damage to Black Americans has since the death of Jim Crow been caused primarily been attempts by whites trying to make up for past racism.

    Technically, I think you mean "right turn." ;)

    The NAACP is just an agenda organization. It may be an old one, but it is still agenda organization. It may have been formed to represent a group, but it doesn't represent that group by default any more then the National Organization for Women does.


    Do you mean Southern segregationists or the Republican party? The Republican party, and it's leaders didn't support a constitutional ammendment against inter-racial marriage after the Supreme Court declared such inherently constitutionlly protected.

    Really, the differences between ethnic groups and the differences between a man and a women are such it is not understandable for reasons other then simple bias why people might think it would be justicial overreach to think the framers of the Constitution did not intend equal protection for the latter?
  5. Yeah. they should go in their to get booed and to be called fascists?

    Screw the NAACP, they are a racist organization anyway.

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