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How do these work. first of all i dont understand the top 10 rep earners stat that is on the forum home page. And when you rep someone or if someone reps you how many points do you receive, or loose?


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The points one receives/loses depend on who is giving the rep. Different people have different rep power. The more rep they have, the more points they give when they rep you. Or at least that's how I understood this thing. :lol:


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Shhh . . .

It's fun being able to hit a hornet's nest and be far enough away that they don't see you!


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when you rep someone their rep goes up depending on how much rep you have, when someone reps you your rep goes up depending on what their rep level is. The top reputations are a 30 day stat and it shows how much rep someone has recieved in the past 30 days.