Report: Estalella to testify against Bonds

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Babe_Ruth, Jan 30, 2009.

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    FOX Sports on MSN - MLB - Report: Estalella to testify against Bonds

    I really hope he admits that Bonds used steroids, I just want to get this over with. There's still a lot of blind fans out there that believe Bonds never did steroids, which is ridiculous in my opinion.

    They mention Jason Giambi in this article, I just wanted to comment on him. He admited of taken steroids, and hes not being hassled and stuff like Bonds is right now. Only if Bonds admitted the first time that he did take some, it would of saved him a lot of problems.


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    You can add to that a report that they now have proof he tested positive in a urine sample, the cloud gets bigger and darker.
    Some of his numbers will always be in doubt.

    A few words on that, those who won't even consider that Barry "may have" used, that I could never understand.
    On a number of boards I have posted that I strongly believe he did, yet I would always close by saying, no matter what I believe he has to be considered innocent.

    The following.
    After age 35 Barry hit like Barry never hit before, almost cut his AB/HR ratio in half, slugged over 200 points higher than his career slugging percentage. He hit home runs distances he never reached before.

    At that age when most level off or decline he put up a 3 year peak that rivals any Ruth or Williams put up, when they were much younger than Barry.

    He was tested at Balco for steriods, not known to the public, some say he tested positive.
    A word on the test, Barry brought his own doctor to test him at Balco, even though Balco is staffed with doctors. Not sure of the spelling, I believe his doctor was named Teng. This fact is true, his personal doctor was cited twice for dispensing drug to athletes with no written prescription and not keeping records.

    Finally his personal trainer, Greg Anderson admitted to supplying steroids to a number of baseball players. He did deny ever supplying steroids to Barry but could it be he protects Barry. look at all the above, doesn't prove he used but how could one look at the above and not think, he could have, considered he may have, just common sense.
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