report cards



so what did you guys get i got 5bs, 1c, and 1d


A Darker Knight
all As except English and world history.

I loathe english, and my history teacher is overly picky.
I'm expecting to get an A in Physics and Micro Economics and probably a C in Organic Chemistry if I'm lucky (I have a senile old British man for a lecturer who is terrible. I don't know anyone that got over a 50% on either of his midterms)


Well, I got my progress reports about two weeks ago. Here's my grade:

AP Language & Composition: B-
Forensics & Debate: B
Spanish 2: B-
AP US History: C
Psychology: A+
Earth Science: B+
Personal Financing: A

Note: I'm an 11th grader.
By-the-by, I have to take Earth Science again because I failed the second semester of Physical Science back in 9th grade. Because I had an A in 1st semester and an F in 2nd semester, my councellor thought it would be better if I just took Earth Science to fill the missing credits void. Also, the 1st semester that I am taking is just being counted for elective credits, so that means I can take one less class in my Senior year.
Just thought I'd clear that up... Oh, and I suck at Math, so I failed Geometry last year and was given this Personal Financing class to make up for my math credits. I'm great with other subjects, though.