Report: Canadiens re-sign Plekanec


Sultan of Swat
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Report: Canadiens re-sign Tomas Plekanec - 2010 Offseason News

From the latest reports I've seen and read in the last hour it seems like this deal will be official fairly soon.

This is huge for the Canadiens, it would of been a huge set back if they lost Pleks so is arguably their best player.

He had a great season, and rebounded from a bad year in 2008-2009.

He does everything on the ice, he scores goals, he sets up his teammates, he kills penalties and he's good at taking face-offs.

I know he didn't have a great playoff like we all expected him to do so, but I truly believe his best years are still to come.

Money well deserved.


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Montreal had some money to spend after Halak got dealt, eh?

Good to bring him back...he was a stud last year.


Sultan of Swat
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Halak was a restricted free agent, but we have a lot of RFA and UFA so we had the cap space to sign Plekanec's.

Our RFA's are:

-Sergei Kostitsyn
-Benoit Pouliot
-Maxim Lapierre
-Carey Price

Our UFA are:

-Paul Mara
-Marc-Andre Bergeron

Out of all those players, I want Price, Lapierre back, and I'm still think about Sergei and Benoit. Personally I wouldn't care all that much if we lost those two players.

Our payroll is at 51 million dollars right, don't know what the Salary Cap will be for 2010-2011 though, probably the same range as last season which was 58 million.