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This is the button that looks like this:
found on the lower left side of posts, below a poster's avatar, next to his flag (or a question mark if the poster's flag is not showing up).

Please use that
button to report spam, duplicate posts, advertising messages, problem (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts, troll alerts or if you feel that the post has the possibility of starting a fight between members.

We encourage you to alert the staff in this manner so it can be dealt with accordingly. Stating your observations in the thread (example: "I think you're just a spammer!") is a pointless post. It will be edited/deleted and could even warrant you an infraction. In addition, most members don't really respond well to fellow members playing moderator in the discussion thread, unless of course, they're moderators and it's their job to do so. :)

Do not use the report button for personal vendetta (example: reporting all posts of a member you dislike, just because) or for reporting off topic posts in Sub-Talk. Frivolous reporting will be considered abuse of reporting privileges and the function will be disabled for your account.

Lastly, while we appreciate your feedback and effort in alerting us of blatant or potential issues, staff reserves the right to deal with it as they see fit (which may or may not correspond to your own assessment).



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I just want to add one more thing to this.

Just because there is a thread that you think is destined for Sub-Talk doesn't mean you are allowed to post Sub-Talk quality replies in it before it's moved. Those types of posts can be infracted. Please use the report button if you think a thread belongs in Sub-Talk.
Not open for further replies.