Report: Bulls to fire Del Negro


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Vinny Del Negro met with Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf on Sunday, but the Chicago Tribune reports that "barring a snag" he will be fired by Tuesday.

Del Negro has one year and $2 million remaining on his contract. The Bulls are expected to hire a head coach with more NBA experience -- suitable candidates might include Doug Collins, Lawrence Frank, Kevin McHale, Maurice Cheeks, Byron Scott and Dwane Casey.

It amazes me that a coach can lead a team to the NBA playoffs but they still fire him.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Such is the life of an NBA coach these days. I mean, other than Jerry Sloan and Greg Popovich, and maybe Phil Jackson, what coaches have been with their current teams for more than a few years? There aren't many.


Sultan of Swat
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So stupid, there's no reason for him to get fired, even the franchise player Derek Rose went to the front office and said he wants to play under Del Negro. This frustrates me so much because he didn't do a bad job as their coach.

Hopefully he finds another job somewhere else because he knows what he's doing.