Report: Blue jays scouting delgado in winter league

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Babe_Ruth, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Report: Blue Jays scouting Delgado in winter league

    I know this isn’t big news for a lot of members here, but as you know I’m a huge Blue Jays fan and Delgado is my second favorite player after the Griffey. I would love to see him in a blue Jays uniform once again. The thing is that I don’t know if there would be any room for him, even if we decided to trade Overbay which will mostly happen. The Jays organization want to give the young prospect Wallace a chance at first base. The only thing I could possibly see happening is that you have Travis Snider in Right Field and Adam Lind in Left Field instead of DH and you play Carlos full time DH which would benefit him in a lot of different ways.

    I know Delgado isn’t the same player as he once was, even though he had a great season two years ago. He 37 years old so he’s not a young pup anymore, but I would love to see him reach 500 home runs, in a Jays uniform. If he’s not asking to much, I say the Jays should give him a chance.

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    Delgado is one of the more underrated players. He's accomplished a lot in his career and I think it would be cool for him to go back to the Jays.

    So you think DH? Unless they dont feel Wallace is ready. I guess Overbay is still on the roster too.
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    Yeah I'm thinking DH, I think Overbay is gone, rumors are that Seattle might be interested in his services. Personally I like Lyle but I don't mind if he's traded since it's going to save us some cap space.

    The Jays really want to give Wallace a chance to show his stuff, so I see him playing first base this year. Than you have Lind and Snider as your corner outfielders, Bautista as a utility man, and you have Delgado as your full time DH. It would be good for his knees as well since it's really tough to play on astroturf.

    Also losing Halladay will lose a lot of butts in the seats, but by signing Delgado it's going to help attract fans since he's one of the fan favorites in Blue Jay history.
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