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Movies Repo Men


Ess Tii Eph Yu
It was worth seeing but not in the theaters. The movie was predictable but did have a delicious twist at the end of the movie. The movie was more story centric than action centric which severely disappointed me. I was hoping for more grotesque violence when I heard the premise of repossessing organs. Now I know that it is based of an indie film which I have on my netflix queue coming up so I hope that one is better.


The Hierophant
I really liked this film. Like, Barb, I was really expecting it to be much more gory than it was. In lieu of almost no gore in the movie, I did think that the actual plot line was pretty good. Though, I have to say that I thought the ending was really sad.

When he's on the beach and things start to glitch, then it comes back to when he got smacked in the head with the metal beam and you find out that the entire ending was all a dream. Especially after they repossessed all of their internal organs and went through all that pain. I really wasn't expecting that part. I thought it was really sad.

But overall, I wouldn't say the movie was what I was expecting, but I still really liked it a lot.


Though, I have to say that I thought the ending was really sad.
Yeah, my stomach hurt afterwards. A heartbreaking end.

I thought the movie was good, no better or worse than I expected. I like both the lead actors and the story was pretty cool.