Replica Shirts


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Do you buy your favourite teams shirts?

Do you buy the merchandise too?

I've bought every Man United replica shirt, home and away, for the last fifteen years. They seem to be getting progressively more epensive.

I have loads of United merchandise too, mugs, bed sheets, curtains, t-shirts, posters....and loads more to boot!


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I haven't bought any in a very long time, but I have many Basketball jerseys, I'd probably say around 15-20 of them. I also have one football jersey and two hockey jerseys.


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They're very expensive although I'm sure cheaper versions can be found elsewhere (fake ones). I got one for my son during the World Cup. He'd wear it whenever there's a game.


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Usually I end up buying my sports jerseys via ebay. I try my butt of to make sure they are authentic but 9 times out of 10 the Replica's are all I can really afford. I've got 3 walls in my room that are filled with hockey jerseys as those who've seen my webcam while Im in my room can vouch for. ON top of those, I've also got boxes and boxes of other hockey jerseys that I didnt even like enough to put on display on my wall.


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I don't buy them, but occasionally I'll steal my dad's Steeler's jersey and wear it to bed or just being lazy around the house.


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I've got a Jon Papelbon jersey from the Red Sox and a Wes Welker Patriots jersey. I love having official jerseys, for some reason it's just some sort of fan giddiness they give off.


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I have two Ohio State football jerseys, one home, one away. I have a lot of other OSU merchandise too, like a mini helmet signed by Troy Smith, and a huge flag that I have hanging on the wall.