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i think i repped someone like a month ago and i still cant rep them again. and i've probably repped 10 people in between and yes i am just estimating that

point is, its way too long


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm actually with you guys. It needs to be somewhere around 10 people to spread rep.


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Here's a thought. There have been several new members who have been confused and felt unwelcome when they received red rep for the sake of people going around trying to spread rep.

Apparently some people ONLY post red rep no matter what, just to spread it.

I'm for lowering it but I'm also considering setting it up so only people in a group can be negged. Either that or only users who are premium or higher. Something has to be done to make new members not feel like they are being negged because people don't like them. I've received too many PM's about this and it's discouraging to new members.