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Rep power questions


Registered Member
What is the maximum rep power and what effect does rep power have?


Son of Liberty
The Maximum Rep power is whatever Hybrix or Babe have. Essentially the higher your Level is (for instance you're a level 17) the higher your HP and RP will be. Those two have basically the strongest Rep power because they have the largest post counts. However, that is not the Maximum. I am under the impression that the numbers just keep growing, however those two blow the curve for the Maximum active rep power.

HP - Health Points

If you look to the left beside the Rep Power there is that other number and it should be in the Thousands. When you are at 100% health, obviously your HP should look like this for instance: 2,000/2,000. When you're at 0% it would look like this: 0/2,000.

RP - Rep Power

Rep power is simple yet complex at the same time. Much like HP, your RP is based upon your current level. For instance if you're a level 10; your RP might be 45/45. However other factors will contribute to strengthining your RP, such as Posting Sprees, Thread Sprees, Arcade Scores, and a few other things. For instance, when I had the 700+ day posting spree.... it gave me an excess of over 100 to my Base RP. dDave whom had alot of the Arcade scores had an excess to his RP per Arcade Medal he had.

Your RP will decrease if your HP begins to fall. For instance if you're at 50% HP, you will not be giving your full RP when you use the Neg or Rep function.

Well what does it all mean?

Contrary to current use. Rep power wasn't designed for just giving someone Kudos for a good or funny post. Instead, it was designed as a War-Game style component. Members of the Forum join separate groups/teams and they combat each other in "rep wars". Much like RPG Video Games, the players with Higher Levels would be stronger and more capable than the lower levels. The goal of these Rep wars was to Neg your opponents to death (0%).

So if you found yourself (A level 17) up against a noob (lets say a Level 5)... you would have the advantage and could neg them down to 0% in more hits than they could knock you to 0%.

The trick though is that if that Lvl 5 Noob has a Team Mate like Me for instance (who is level 52)... Then I turn the tides of war a bit by joining the mix as either A) a Combatant or B) a Tanker or C) a Utility.

Combatants will Neg other Players. Their Goal is to simply just neg neg neg and drop their opponents down to 0% as fast as possible

Tankers are support Players. Their Goal is to rep their team mates and keep them from falling to 0% without bringing any attention to themselves.

Utility Players will do both. They will Play the Tanker Role and Boost their teammates but will also do some Negging also. The downfall of a utility is eventually they deteriorate into Combatants.

During the Rep war, obviously your goal is to make the other team dead and unable to rep eachother. So the basic strategy is to find the Tankers first and knock them out first. Because otherwise you'll find yourself in a stalemate negging someone who just keeps getting Repped back up to 100% by their teams tankers.

On a standard day Rep War members can send out a maximum of 5 carefully planned Negs or Reps to a single person. However it takes careful planning, preparation, and accurate rotation of your negs and reps due to outside influences like the 24 hour Rep Cap and the most common Rep Spread requirement.

So why isnt there a Rep War now?

They come in waves. There have been 2 maybe 3 major rep wars that I'm aware of. Both were generally dominated by the Sith Group however the Anti-Sith Rebel Group gave a very sturdy battle in the 2nd rep war.

One reason I speculate that there hasnt been one in so long is because of lack of knowledge. Most members arent even aware that this is the reason Rep is even here. Sure its nice to get funny comments from your friends. But the whole reason we have a Rep Bar is for the Rep Wars.

Another reason is because of prior Rep War Etiquette. Alot of people just cant take that much Red in their rep Columns. And on top of that the more immature combatants started taunting in rude and unnecessary ways during the last rep war. This turned alot of people off to the concept of participating in the rep wars.