Rep is about to break!


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Ok, we've been talking about doing something different with rep for a while.

I have good news and bad news.

Good news: The rep wars are going strong again.

Bad news: The rep system is about to break on a per user basis.

Here's why. In 32 bit binary number systems, the absolute highest number you can store in a field is 2,147,483,647 (2.1 billion).

It will take some time to explain so just check this out:

2,147,483,647? - Yahoo! Answers

Basically, once people hit that number their rep will probably break. It won't be able to go any higher than that, ever. Basically a bunch of you will get there soon enough (within days even). Once you are there you won't be able to get any more rep ever. Rep will pretty much be no fun at all once enough people get there.

So, I've proposed this to the staff and I'm going to propose it to you all as well. I propose a massive rep reset and restructure. The current system left it possible for the rep numbers to get way too high, obviously. I think a new system should be set up to hopefully make the rep fun again. I think positive reps should have the opposite power of negative reps (not just half for negs). There are also some other factors I want to throw into the mix as well.

Basically something has to be done though. The first few people's rep will be hitting the fan within 1-3 days from now....


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Even if I currently have the highest rep, I'm ok for the overall reset but I'd like to reach 2,147,483,647 first just to test the binary number max theory. How cool is that? :lol:

PS. Are you going to declare rep group war winner before?


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I've proposed this to the staff and I'm going to propose it to you all as well. I propose a massive rep reset and restructure.
I'm going to copy and paste what I suggested in the mod forum:

How about we rename the current rep system, but keep it in tact, as "Battle Points" to be used for wars and general asshattery? Also, make negs and positives equal to give the warriors more of a chance to battle. It's not fun at all when the negative reps are completely useless and everyone is just battling to have higher rep. Rep inflation is huge and there's no "control."

As for the replacement for the rep system, how about a simple +1 and -1 karma system. You get the option to + or - based on a post, never twice for the same post, and no limit on them as they are based on quality of posts instead of points. It could replace the activity meter, which I see as the most useless bar right now.

The point that I want to make here is that we could get the best of both worlds out of this. On one hand we have the already established battle system for the groups, and on another hand we get a system for rating users based on posts.

Hybrix's idea for the "battle system" as we've been calling it:

Fearless Leader said:
Well if I make a battle system I'm going to have to figure out something more than just a rep type positive or negative system.

Perhaps a health bar that can be replenished as you post, and if you are taken to 0 then you can't "battle" for a day or so. You'd be dead for however long.
Well, time to say my thoughts on rep.

Well I got bored with the negging and repping in rep wars though, I thought of making a group of Ninja's(sorta like) working for rep, We'll do mini jobs for the GF members, like find a site or a small picture etc, and we'd neg a person if asked by a member but if we were asked who told us to neg them, we won't say anything unless we get a bigger payment. I like the Sith but the rep war is now a joke :-/, Thats just my thoughts plus I don't think people would follow me in my idea anyway O:
I don't know. I kind of like the rep, just because it's a bit less than a PM, but still personal. But lowering the rep- power factors, and a way to display both negative and positive rep, like about so:
..and then renaming it to "karma" seems like an idea ;)


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I think that in the new system it'd be a great idea to make like 10,000 the highest possible rep BUT the rep that you give doesn't depend on your rep power but rather your level from posting and when you neg you can neg half of that number.

I think that rep would be a lot more fun and beneficial to the site if it was required to post in order to have good rep power.