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Discussion in 'Ideas & Support' started by Swiftstrike, May 15, 2008.

  1. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    Hybrix is is possible that you make negative reps = positive reps.

    I know the default of the system is set up that positive reps give out 2x the amount of a negative.

    If I positive rep Himeko I give her 10 rep
    If I negative rep Himeko I give her only -5 rep.

    It might even be porportionally lower that was the default setting at FC.

    Can you make it so that I would give -10 rep to Himeko?

    I was wondering if for the upcoming rep wars make an adjustment so that negative reps would equal a positive rep.

    It has been one of the reasons reps keep going up exponentially because we have to neg a person 2x as much to lower their rep at all.

  2. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    I agree. It's pretty much impossible to neg someone into the red now and reps are growing out of control.
  3. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    It's because there are certain people who would cry and weep like baby Jesus if they get negged.

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  4. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    Actually it's the same proportions as it was at FC right now.

    I still think that at some point rep will probably need to be restructured. It's already past the "out of control" point.

    Perhaps a periodic reset and the group with the most rep at the time is declared the winner of the last rep battle? Might be more fun if there were constant battles where everybody started at the same amount. Like a few months each or something.
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  5. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    As I said I would not care if rep was reset. But I think that the Negs should equal how much positive rep we give.

    Either that or the limitors should be removed.
  6. Vegito728

    Vegito728 Registered Member

    Not to hijack your thread Swift but I just thought I'd ask this here. Whatever happened to having a "rep day" Hybrix?
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  7. kiwi

    kiwi The Original Kiwi

    I hate to admit it, but I actually agree with Swift. If we are having rep wars, lets make the positive and negative match. I also like the idea of resetting everyone's rep at the beginning so we are evenly matched to start.
  8. R1pperZ

    R1pperZ Registered Member

    No one deserves as many neggs as you do swift..


    I've only been negged twice and they were both random so I don't understand the importance anyways..
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  9. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    The half/neg thing is actually hardcoded into the software as a default option (with no option to change it).

    I could definitely do it but it would probably make sense to overhaul the entire rep system at the same time. We actually had a thread about this going on in the staff area but maybe it's time to let everybody chime in.
  10. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    Now that I think about it a complete rep reset would be disastrous right before a rep war.

    No one would have any rep so more outsiders would have to participate.

    I think we should all start at a fixed amount then. Maybe 1,000,000.

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