renting games?


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Does anybody rent games?

Personally to this day I have never rented or borrowed a game ever all the games that I play I bought.

What does everyone else do?


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I barely rent, if I'm interested in a game I'll buy it, because I don't really like renting that much because you only have the games for about three days so in my opinion it's a waste of money.
I used to rent games all the time. I haven't rented in ages though. The last games I rented were the first two Prince of Persia games, and I mainly just got them because a buddy of mine worked at Blockbuster and got free rentals.


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I still rent all my games first, it's the best way to tell if I wan to buy it or not..
If I like it then I will go out and get it..(After I save all my game data first)


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Depends on a number of things. If I know that I'm going to complete the game within the rental time and will never touch it again, for example SCE Studio Cambridge's C-12: Final Resistance for the PlayStation, then yes.

If I can't get hold of a demo, and no-one I know nearby has it, then I'll rent it to give it a try.

Otherwise, I generally buy it if I already have good thoughts about the game. If I haven't yet made my mind up, I search around for a demo, then base my purchase on that.


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I've been telling myself I'd rent a game some time, but I've yet to actually do it. I probably buy 4-5 games a year give or take depending on what is coming out.
I'm with Iryusaki. When I was younger I would always rent games from any stores. Now that I'm older, I just go buy them. Probably 1 out of 20 games I buy is a dud. It's still worth it, though. Nothing like smelling a brand new video game. *SNIFF*


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now that I think about it, I do recall renting Battle Toads for the NES way back in the day. I loved that game, but for some reason I never bought it... probably rented that sucker for 3 months straight!

Nowadays though like I said I only buy 4-5 games a year, and those games go through an extensive research to make sure I want to spend 50+ dollars on them. Although with gamestop/eb games the last couple years I've been buying used games at a cheaper rate..... There havent been any PS3 games that I've thought about buying used yet, I'll give that another year or so.