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Rent Free In A Purple House


Registered Member
Everyone here, I believe, is old enough to live alone, if they aren't already.
So here's a situation.....say you were given the opportunity to live rent free for one whole year, in a house that has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths....in a pretty decent part of town.......neighbors you could tolerate........but the only downfall was...the house is painted bright purple and has pink and yellow polka dots painted all over it.
You are not allowed to paint over this house...it must remain those colors......and just by keeping it that way, you can live there rent free, for one entire year.
So would you be willing to live in an eye sore??
Would you be embarrassed?? :lol:
Let me tell yunz, around my area....we have purple houses, sure enough......but they aren't confettied with polka dots ~LoL~


Where is my Queen?
I would do it so I wouldn't have to pay rent. I would be embarrassed at first but I would find a way to have fun with a purple polka dot house. I think that the ladies would like it.


Registered Member
I would definitely do it.

A whole year rent free would be fantastic. The colour scheme wouldn't bother me a bit as I'm not worried by other people's view of me.


Well-Known Member
Of course I would! Especially if it's only the inside painted like that...Once you're inside the house you aren't going to see it


still nobody's bitch
rent-free for a year? the only thing that would hold me back is the hassle of moving. Hell I'm practically living in squalor right now because it's rent-free.

(it's not really squalor, it's just not the tidiest or newest house around)


Hell, It's about time!
As long as the inside is not purple, I'd be cool with it.


Sally Twit
As much as I love purple I can't imagine having my house that colour.
I'd definitely do it to save on money, though. And if anyone asked then I'd explain that to them.


Registered Member
Yeah... I'd live in it for the rest of my life if it the rent was free all the time.

I think once I told folks the reasons for living in such a horrifically painted domicile, they'd understand. It'd be an awesome ice breaker at parties and that too.


Boom Boom Pow!
Yeah, I'd live in it. But can I just ask, is it purple and yellow inside too?

It would certainly be a talking point! :D So yeah I would live there.


I'm serious
Why not? i mean, I wouldn't paint a house I pay good money for those colours, but if I can have it for free, I would take it. I can imagine a lot worse things to have to live with than that. I love purple anyway, and it would be a little quirky, which is not necessarily a bad thing all together.