Movies Rent, Buy or Subscribe?

Do you Rent, Buy or Subscribe movies?

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Do you rent, buy or subscribe movies?

I have a cable service and today, I decided to order their movie package since I get a discount. There are soo many movies to watch and I just don't know what to watch next. I already watched Transformers and the Simpsons Movie today.


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We used to rent (lived next to the dvd rental store) every day. Now that we have moved, we just buy. So yeah, it's more expensive and we see fewer new movies.


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I haven't rented a movie in a long time. I usually wait to see movies on TV, but if there's one I really want to see I just buy it.
I only own and watch films at home that I already know I like, so I buy them. I rarely watch new films and if I do it's at the cinema, so I never rent.

We used to rent VHS tapes from across the road but that little shop shut down about 10 years ago and I can't remember a time since when I rented.


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Buy 'em. Renting was always too much of a hassle for me. I see movies in theater and then buy them used at places like Movie Gallery or Blockbuster.


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I subscribe to Netflix. Best rental service ever. Not only do I get movies mailed to my home, but I can also watch them from my xbox.


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Buying is always best because then you can watch the movie over and over without having to pay.

I like owning movies because that way I can just decide to watch a movie whenever I want to, it's a ton easier.

Of course renting is good too though if you don't feel like buying a movie.

I usually buy but renting can be the better option some of the time.


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You forgot the best option. I borrow movies from people quite a bit. I also lend them out. That's the ideal way to do it. Either that or go see them at somebody's house.

Out of those three I usually buy. I rent more than buy lately because I don't want to buy DVD's (I want BluRay's but I don't have a player yet) but usually I like to buy movies.

After renting I always end up feeling like I have nothing to show for my money when I'm done.


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I use Netflix, in addition to premium satellite networks (HBO, CineMax (aka the titty delivery service), Starz and Showtime).

Netflix is dirt cheap (10$ for the basic service), and it gives me one movie of my choosing that I can keep for as long as I want. Additionally, I can stream a wide variety of content instantly to my Xbox 360 or laptop. Owning movies is all well and good, but what's the point of having the movie when you're not watching it? You spent fifteen bucks on something that's going to be in your DVD player for less than a day over the course of your lifetime. With Netflix, you have it for three days, watch it, send it back. Want it again? Get it again. If you keep it for less than 45 days total, you just saved money my friend.


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I don't remember the last time I rented a movie, I just think it's a waste of money. I usually buy the movie, especially if I've seen it before and really enjoyed it. Other then that I just wait till it comes out on Satellite and plays on my movie network.