Removing Friends?


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There was a big deal earlier about the millionth word being added to the English language. One of the possible words being added was "defriend", which was pretty much the opposite of befriend. It meant to remove somebody as a friend. Generally this would mean on internet friend lists such as MySpace, Facebook, instant messenger applications, phones, etc.

So, do you ever go through your various friends lists on the sites you use and remove people from your friends list?

What makes you remove somebody?


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I don't believe I've ever defriended anybody that I actually know.

I did defriend somebody on My Space once, though. Somebody that was representation of a music place or something... I defriended them because they constantly spammed bulletins about how anti American Obama was.

I'm not against people speaking their mind in anyway, but the person was being obnoxious, most of the stuff they said were false, anyways.

I would think that somebody representative of a music place should not be delving into such political topics anyways.


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Well it's not uncommon for musicians and celebrities to be vocal about politics. One thing is for sure though, spam of any sort is worthy of a defriending if you ask me. MySpace is terrible for spam. Bulletins are one of the worst features on that site. :lol:
Contacts who haven't made the effort to chat are up for the chopping block.

Defriending people on FB is based on how well I know them and their status updates. I want to stay in touch with friends, not read about how depressing life is or the latest rugby fixtures.


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I don't think I've ever removed a friend from GF and that's the only place on the Internet where I have a friends list other than IM's.
The only thing that would make me remove someone is if they were really nasty to me.


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So, do you ever go through your various friends lists on the sites you use and remove people from your friends list?

What makes you remove somebody?
I do this often. :D

In FB, I once made a status about removing everyone who hasn't really made any contact with me in the past month. Some people, I know they just read but when they saw that, they commented and some wrote me so I don't have to remove them. The rest, I just removed it. I find no sense in keeping someone in my list of contacts if they're not active there or if they're cluttering my fb home page but we don't really care if kept tabs on each other. I deleted even family members or GF members (even if we talk from time to time here in GF). It's just "defriending" in FB, it doesn't mean the person is no longer my friend elsewhere. Anyway, I only add people in fb if we have something else in common outside of fb (I don't add total strangers).

As for GF, I have removed people who annoyed me, people who I don't know why they made me a friend in the first place but I accepted thinking it'll be a start of something (which never happened), people who have suddenly become inactive and left without explanation, or if your name is Sui (then it depends on my mood).


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i'm gonna write on my fb status "i'll be defriending some friends" :D

yeah. i do it very often. i tend not to keep too many friends on facebook and generally don't add those i don't know.

people who don't send me comments , or who don't write on my wall, are deleted. when someone doesn't care about saying "hi", why keep him/her?
plus people who are like "hey sexyyyyyyyyyy you wanna go out with my 2nite?..let's try it". i cant stand these maniacs.


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I think i've only deleted maybe 1 or 2 people off my facebook friends, and that was only because i didn't know them. When a random person adds me i will usually accept but then i sometimes delete them afterwards if i never talk to them or they seem a bit weird or something, hahaa.

If i know a person, i won't delete them off my friends list.
When I used to use social networking sites I'd have a good clear out every now and then of people that I don't see or talk to anymore. But now I don't use them, I do that still with all the other contact lists I have such as IM. My msn account is in desperate need of a defriending but I don't even go on there much anymore so I'll probably just leave it.

I've deleted people off my contacts on GF before but only really those who no longer come online much or I've never even spoken to after going on my contact list ages ago. I mostly just leave that alone though.
I only on YouTube. When I sign-in, I don't want to see "Your friends have recently uploaded..." message all the time. I only like about 5 friends on YouTube because those videos I actually watch and contact once in a while.

I don't have a MySpace, Twitter, FaceBook, Bebo or anything else. Believe it or not, I don't like networking. :eek: