Remove Forces Immediately


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To remove forces from across the world is the first step to securing peace. As many of us realize, America is hated by many, which even includes some of her own citizen. Part of the reason for this is the lack of trust between the government and other nations, and the government and its allies, without excluding the lack of trust between the government and the people.

Sacrificing such a cherished value, trust, for security is a major flaw in which only new leadership can ameliorate. The people desire to be one with their government, and holding the people as suspects for terrorism, will only increase dissention. Surprisingly, there have been few rival factions of the American government, in America. The reason for this is that those who legitimately speak out against the government are not televised, nor giving a chance to speak to the public through newspaper, which in effect, enervates them. Also, the majority of people of America are more concerned with the tranquility of their country and their personal ambitions, apolitical to say the least, to ever be driven to something that would put their well being, their property, or their belongings, at risk.

Increasing security and attempting victory militarily will do nothing to deter hostilities of our adversaries; rather it will only suspend their interests, and their desire to harm us. This leads many to believe we are in a never-ending war, and security is our only way to suppress violence. This is untrue. The only way to prevail in a war as complex as the Middle Eastern war, is by separating ourselves from the government, and supporting the peaceful cause of the opposing forces. This doesn’t mean we must leave our allies for our enemies, it merely means that we must create allies in our enemies, by not acting against them. In no way, does this mean we should advocate violence. I am merely mentioning that in order to prevent future attacks on our country we must take heed to their cause, which is to wake Americans up to the corruption of our government.

Politicians have avoided clarifying the corruption within their government, for they fear it may result in rebellion. This is true in one sense, for people will initially rebel; however, after time goes on, emotions will settle and what was previously conspiracy will become validated past.

Once this historical day comes to pass, it is then, that those at fault for the events of 9/11 can be brought to justice, exiling them from the government. Once they are replaced, with more liberal, more pious Americans, we will be able to remove forces, without fear of retaliation, for our force will be fresh and new, not tainted and drawn-out.

By relying on the military to resolve conflicts in the Middle East, we are only exacerbating the issue at hand. This war must be won with diplomacy, diplomacy which speaks in the name of the Lord, declaring that the violence is wrong... We must make known that Allah is a God of love, not of war. We must also give incentives for peace by supplying money, not for arms, rather for rebuilding endeavors and personal appeasements, to those who maintain good value.

What we need is an obsequious government that spends more money resolving the war on poverty, not a vindictive government that waste money on a war which was initially, a family vendetta.

We must stop the race for arms, by ceasing to spend money on arms. We must end the war by installing new leadership, removing forces, and increasing diplomacy. We must stop the deceit of our government, by demanding the truth.


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Just a quick question, what exactly do you mean by removing forces? Pulling troops out of Iraq, or getting rid of the millitary entirely?


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Diplomacy with people who use 7th century military tactics is absurd at best. These people don't want peace. Do you hear followers of Bin Laden suing for peace? I don't think so. This jihad is not against the USA alone. It's agaisnt free western society.


Diplomacy with people who use 7th century military tactics is absurd at best. These people don't want peace. Do you hear followers of Bin Laden suing for peace? I don't think so. This jihad is not against the USA alone. It's agaisnt free western society.
Correction: His jihad is against any country not governed by Sharia Law...we're just the top priority.


Hell, It's about time!
Defense can still be effective from home.

Bring troops home. Install new leadership. Increase peace talks.
Again terrorists who use barbaric 7th century warfare tactics are not concerned about "peace talks".

We leave Iraq, a civil war will ensue between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims which could easily spill over into Iran or Syria, terrorists will breed like crazy in this new war. Iran a KNOWN terrorists state will have a hay day recruiting the fresh supply of jihadists right next door. Then we'll have a far bigger problem.


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We need to work to become allies with Iran... We need to openly forgive them for inciting hatred on our country. By doing this, resent begins to abate...

We have presented ourselves as superiors, when we should be acting as equals. We need to understand the desires and intent of opposing forces... The more we understand them, the easier it will be to assist their cause... If the reason they hate us is because of our military, we must remove our military... If situations get worse upon removal we must be patient, and wait until they, the Iraqi forces, ask for our assistance... It is then that we will become the help, and not the invading force.

I have reason to believe much of the violence is a result of a desire for power… The only way to stop such an insatiable desire for power is to promise them wealth…

Removing forces may require new leadership, for current administration has already invaded Iraq, and evidently, is due for reaction, in other words revenge... On the other hand, new leadership, which stands against war, and stands for peace, will be able to properly remove forces. This new leader must make known that he is not against any one... He must openly forgive the terrorist, and work to make amends... for the only other alternative, abolishing the terrorist, will only result in an increase in terrorist, for ever slain terrorist. In making amends, this new leader must retire the word terrorist, and make known that we are all equals, and we are all brothers. By inculcating the concept of Brotherhood and retiring the word terrorist, we reach out to the opposing force, and thus increase our chances of approaching a Global, spiritual reawakening. One must be a strong believer for this to work.

For those who feel that removing forces will put us at an increasing risk for attack, I disagree. Defense can be won at home, offensive military results in an opposing offensive military… Meaning by fortifying military establishments in, and around Iraq, we are only provoking hatred, and causing other forces to respond, by attacking our country.

If Shia and Sunni feel the need to fight, it is their decision; our presence in Iraq is only suspending their interest... We need to give incentives, not punishments... Our only affiliation with Iraq should be economic... We should promise to help them rebuild their country, as long as they stop the violence... The more we endeavor on humanitarian missions, to which supply food to the starved and shelter to the homeless, the more people will begin to realize our amiable, not rapacious nature. There is no need to announce our good deeds, for that may appear boastful. Actions speak louder then words, and our actions, if they are prolific, will not go unnoticed.

In regard to peace talks, no one, thus far, has spoken in the name of the Lord, for those chosen by our Lord are not giving the opportunity to speak in regards to the war... Instead, in American, they are looked down upon as irrational mystics. This lack of respect for divine worship, undoubtedly, contributes to some of the hatred other countries have towards us... Those chosen by our Lord, carry the power of the Lord with them, and only they, by use of words, can suppress violence and end war. Political speak does nothing, and has no effect on people, however, speaking in the name of the Lord, does. What we must understand is that power is from God. We need to put our faith in a peacemaker, one in which possesses the power of God, who will be neutral, acting as ambassador of God. This person will be against no one, and will welcome all. Whoever is not against him, will be with him.

Do you suggest we have a force in Iraq indefinitely?
Defense can still be effective from home.

Bring troops home. Install new leadership. Increase peace talks.
That would be an impossability. What would have happened if all of Europe if they just sat down and had peace talks with Adolph? It would have been a combination of Auschwitz and the Berlin wall times a million.