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Remembering John Lennon


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I googled and found this:
Death of John Lennon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Still dunno why he shot that dude cause it didn't say in the article. That's really weird to just shoot someone like that! They shouldn't ever let that guy outa prison, period.
That first song was really interesting but I couldn't play that other link. *confused* It just sent me to another GF page.
Anyway, I do agree with CaptainObvious. I studied the Pearl Harbor thing and that was like mass murder. It's really horrible what people do sometimes.

The link has been fixed. Check it out if you still want to.


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The link has been fixed. Check it out if you still want to.
Thanx! :) But I still dont get why anyone would wanna kill that Lennon guy. Those 2 songs sound really peaceful (actually too slow and peaceful for me). Did anybody find out why he was shot? Cause the article didn't say why but it did say it was a planned shooting.


Do What Thou Wilt
A little late but, I remember reading John, Cynthia Lennon's take on her relationship with John Lennon. The only reason John moved to America was because Yoko wanted to find her daughter from a previous marriage. And then how Yoko had/has cut Cynthia and Julian out. I also remember reading on the morning after John died, Cynthia calls Yoko and asks if Yoko could buy them tickets to go to America to atleast be present for his cremation, then Yoko buys tickets only for Julian. And of course Cynthia was excluded when she spread John's ashes. It makes me mad.

But John truly was a legend and an inspiration. A truly great musician. may he rest in peace.
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