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IS it finally time to move the Coyotes out of the state of Arizona and stop these headaches? Is Columbus going into that phase, and how about the state of Florida, Tampa Bay and Florida aren't doing so well in the attendance senses, so if those 4 teams need to be relocated and basing yourself on their divisions, where should they go?


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The new realignment is so stupid only because the NHL wants to keep the snowbirds in Tampa and Florida happy by giving them 3 Canadian teams visiting in the winter. It is so awkwardly biased towards the "Metropolitan Division". They hardly have to travel. They will have so much more rest compared to every other team in the league. It's absurd. Tampa and Florida should be in the Metropolitan. To somewhat even out the travel lengths. The problem here is... If you move one, you HAVE to move the other. When a team visits one, they visit the other to save on travel costs.

If the NHL is deadset on not moving anymore teams they have to expand. Even out the divisions (West/East). Seattle and Quebec should create a jet stream of revenue, certainly Quebec, to help prop up these bullshit teams that are perennial money losers.
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