Relingion's survival (Religion-Science Wars)

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by wyldesykosis, Mar 26, 2007.

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    The Victorian Age was the sprout of scientific-religious wars. Logical thinkers began to come about during this time. They started to question religion because of scientific theories. This caused a huge tension between science and religion. Before this time the clergy were the scholars of the day, but humanity started to think on their own. Since the clergy were the most educated they had a very large influence on the world which is part of the reason religion has survived for so long. Scientist started questioning the creation of mankind and the universe because when thought out logically the beliefs on creation didn’t make sense. Scientists wanted supportive reliable proof, but the clergy could only provide the bible. The existence or non-existence of a higher being can’t be proven either way. So the bible’s credibility isn’t suffice for logical thinkers. It was written by prophets who are speakers of God. That would imply God was speaking to them which suggests divine channeling. The divine channeling has no assenting or dissenting proof so the bible holds no credibility. This is why logical thinkers had a hard time accepting religious beliefs, and turned to science for answers. The clergy didn’t like being proved possibly wrong so they retaliated by banning science. The scientists then had to resort to shady means to continue their studies.

    So, why has religion survived so long?

    Also, why has science survived so long?

    EDIT: NEAH! Typo in the title! Plz fix it to "Religion's/Science's survival (Religion-Science Wars)". This also might belong in History....

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    so long as religion doesn't try & act as a source of facts .. it is not in contradiction to science .. as science is not in contradiction to religion, so long as it doesn't act as a source of faith ..

    science source of facts
    religion source of faith

    if you can prove it .. its a matter of scientific method ..
    if you can't prove it .. its a matter for religous method ..
  3. wyldesykosis

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    Knowledge: something that be proven true (for example science)

    Unknowable: something that can't be proven true or false (for example religion)

    Belief: confidence (trusting in) something despite it being unknowable (or false) (for example religion)
  4. Corona

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    People are for the most part weak, stupid, and lazy. It is too damn hard to create a personal moral system, it is too damn hard to leave religion and turn to logic, it is too damn hard to think for yourself. Religion survives because we allow it to survive. Knowledge is the death of religion.
  5. wyldesykosis

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    Prove any religion wrong.
  6. Corona

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    Prove any religion right.

    Using your own logic from 54354 threads, I have just disproved religion.
  7. wyldesykosis

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    ....? Using my logic?! When have I made such a pathetic response as that?

    You won't be able to prove any religion right or wrong.

    (500th post)
  8. ChinUp

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    Corona // are you confusing a religion with all religion .. that is like calling golf .. sport, period

    not all religion asserts beliefs as facts .. its the ones that do who are threatened by science because they are in competition .. not all religions compete with science

    I really wonder what you think religion is .. if you think its possible to assert that all religion is rubbish .. without sounding quite absurd .. after all saying all sport is rubbish would be quite absurd .. no ?

    Mr Wyld
    .. if you are not in fact talking about all religion & only theistic religion please state it .. otherwise this is becoming quite silly .. Imo

    Mediterranean religions are by no means .. religion, period

    BY asserting this you are making the mistake that the people of the dark ages made that nothing existed beyond there borders .. that the world was flat ..
  9. wyldesykosis

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    Prove any religion (theistic, atheistic, or [why the hell not] agnostic) right or wrong!
  10. ChinUp

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    thats what you get when you cross the streams :no:

    .. religion isn't something to be proven .. things to be proven fall under the jeristiction of science .. religion isn't under the jeristiction of science & science isn't under the jeristiction of religion ..

    its like a yin yang .. see .. the unknowable & the knowable .. dark & light

    IMO .. the idea of religous-science is moronic in the extreme .. like a scientific-religion is ridiculous .. its a contradiction in terms ..

    religion is about faith
    science is about facts

    try & prove your faith you are undoing yourself .. faith is based on the ability to function without proof or certainty ..

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