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Yea I saw the trailer for this movie on and it peaked my interest. It seems like a parody on religion in general. I think it looks pretty cool. At the very least the trailer is funny.

YouTube - Religulous Trailer HD


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This does look intriguing and a little humorous. However judging by the trailer, the narrator and the director it looks a little more than biased.

Actually I'm debating whether this is a legit or another mockumentary after Borat.
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Looks amusing and yeah, it's obviously bias. But to be honest with you, I already know the other side of the argument. We all know this side of it, too. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have no real beefs with religion. My problem is with those who want it everywhere and only theirs.


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This seems somewhat humorous, but it seems like it's trying to step on as many toes as possible, without quite going overboard. It looks like one of those "documentaries" that are about as fair and balanced as Communist propaganda.


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Bill Maher is an idiot though, no matter what viewpoint he is pushing I could care less about him or what he's doing. Why? Well remember when Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray barb? This loser shows up to a Halloween party THE NEXT MONTH dressed like this:

People with such blatant disregard for others shouldn't be put on a pedestal in Hollywood if you ask me.

Yeah a little off topic but Bill Maher is ruined for me. I can't say anything good about him after that slap in Steve Irwin's face (who in fact, was the man).


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y'know, to me it seems like he's personally attacking religion and those who believe in it. sure, it could be good for a few laughs, but it could also hurt and offend a lot of people. it doesn't seem like he really wants to document or cover anything, he just wants to get under people's skin. and I guarantee that's what's going to happen. I don't think I'd want to sit and watch someone with this sort of attitude, let alone pay money for it. don't think I'm gonna go see it.


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Sorry Hybrix, but I commend people with that kind of humor. If he showed up at the funeral dressed like that, then I wouldn't approve.


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I can't see the pic on this computer, but it seems like just a month after might be too soon to do something that public.