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Religous Census

What most accurately describes your spiritual beliefs?

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Im Catholic and my whole family is Catholic too.


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I try to follow a lot of different things from a lot of different religions and not live by just one or two but in the end I'd say I'm a Buddhist. It is the thing I can really relate the closest to.

I can relate to a lot of the morals and idealisms, the things like the pursuit of knowledge and happiness. It is a very self fulfilling kind of thing in a way, but it isn't in many others.
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I'm an atheist, though I still believe there might be some kind of higher intelligence somewhere. I'm a little undecided but not to the point where I'd call myself an agnostic.


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I'm listed as other for this but I would change to atheist for sure.


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Thank God I'm not a theist or an atheist. :D

Seriously though, I think I'd list myself as "other". I honestly don't think I'd fit into any of those categories at all. My beliefs, such as they are, constantly change. Not in a dramatic way, to be sure, but enough to remind me that I don't know a damn thing when it comes to stuff like spirituality.


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Atheist, raised Protestant Christian. I've studied all major religions, though, and try to apply certain perspectives to my life that I agree with.


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I had to say agnostic. Catholic mother, father with no religion to speak of. Went to Sunday school a while, went to religious school, mostly Catholic for a few years.

It is an unknowable question that cannot be answered by the living, IMHO. This is my problem with atheism. It is a belief.