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Religous Census

What most accurately describes your spiritual beliefs?

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Atheist, formerly Protestant Christian. Grew up going to church, and embraced it in my pre-teen years because it was an escape from my bad home life. Eventually, though, I started seeing faults in the Bible and institution of religion itself. After which, I classified myself as Agnostic for years. Over the past five years, though, I've been full-fledged Atheist.


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I am Serbian Orthodox which is part of the Christian group, neither Protestant or Catholic so I'll vote for other.


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Is there a way to change my vote?

I voted here during the period of time where I kind of went back to Christianity. I say "kind of" because I was only lying to myself. I only wanted it to be the truth, as I got really weak. (Note: I'm not saying that being a Christian is weak, I'm saying that I was.)

I am an Atheist, and that is the truth to me.



Been one my entire life and so far its been going pretty awesome.


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I was a Christian for most of my life, but have been an agnostic for the last few years. At some point I hope to again figure out what I believe, but nothing entirely seems to make sense.


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Christianity (Protestant)

Given, I have been a Southern Baptist before but I no longer claim that denomination. My own faith is dictated by a personal relationship with Christ and not a sect filled with rules and regulations that are not present in the living word.


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I'm pagan. Not wiccan but pagan. Though I guess i'm pretty loose even on those terms as far as what I believe. But Pagan is the best choice.