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What most accurately describes your spiritual beliefs?

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I'm agnostic. No one knows *shrugs* - that's my answer lol. And religion in general seems wrong to me.
I was raised with free range. My parents didn't force me to go to church, but didn't stop me if I wanted to go. I've tried almost every church in my area at one point or another. None sat well with me.


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I'm a Gnostic Christian ... to a mainstream Christian, my beliefs would probably seem to fall in between Christianity and "Other" or Christianity and Paganism. To me though, I'm just practicing what Christianity should have been from the start, meh. :p

At the end of the day, I say to each his or her own.. all paths are valid in my eyes. Whatever works for ya.
Can you elaborate on what you mean by this. I am struggling with this right now. I believe in a higher power and I identify with a lot of things in a variety of religions and at times question the Bible. No idea what that makes me but I'm searching.


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I am irreligious and a practitioner of freethought. I chose atheist, even though I dislike the usage of that term to describe the irreligious, for the reason that lack of belief in a god and religion are not mutually exclusive.


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I do not believe in any higher powers. Just us. We are our own gods. Everything we do is our choice, we control our own single universe, our own single life.
Religion is more of a moral compass, a way to get through our daily lives. I just started to depend on myself more than I used to, I guess.
Well, atleast thats what I believe, I'm fine with people believing other things, its what makes the world interesting.


I voted atheist. Growing up in a Christian school turned me atheist haha. I can't stand most religions now.


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I believe there is evidence for God's existence but at the same time I believe it's impossible to know whether or not he does exist. With that said, I'm not quite sure what that classifies me as. :s