Religous Census

What most accurately describes your spiritual beliefs?

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For a Free Scotland
Let's fire this one up again.

Given the amount of contentious discussion that occurs here, it's always nice to have a thread devoted to learning and understanding.

Feel free to share as much or as little about your faith (or lack thereof) here. I am going to be a real hardass here about insultmongering or provocation here.


Endangered Species
None of the Above/Other

I could of and maybe should of selected Agnostic, however my philosophical belief is along the lines of logical positivism/empiricism, I am ambivalent towards the agnostic questioning and uncertainty.


For a Free Scotland
I'd have included Mormon (as well as about a half a dozen other choices), but it was max ten choices.

I'm rather complex spiritually, but I'd go with atheist as the nutshell definition. More than anything I'm an existentialist.