Religions asks "Why?" Science asks "How?"

That's pretty much it... I mean that title nails it, I think... :-/
Thinking in that sense - we shouldn't really have any more debates - that's simply brilliant.

Just a thought...

Comment on it if you'd like. (and yes, I did get it from that guy on the History Channel)


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Lol people are always going to debate about religion.. simply because people are competitive, hard headed, and always have to be right. There will always be 2 people of opposing views willing to battle it out no matter what. No one statement will change that. It's just human nature to stand up for what you believe in..


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How and why are semantic from a religious point of view. Assuming science proved that you could create life from non-life it would only prove that it's possible. It would do nothing to end the debate on the origin of existence.