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  1. Doc

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    So, I was born a Catholic, but now I'm 100% sure that I'm Agnostic. There may be a deity, spirit, being, Jesus, Allah, Gilgamesh, and so on, but I don't know what that deity is, or what it could be. I don't know if it's there, and I don't know what kind of effect it has, and I'm perfectly fine with that. How about you?

    Questions I want to ask are did you choose your religion (be honest, no judging), do you think it's right (again, be honest, no judgment), and things like that. I want this to be a serious discussion on why everyone chose their faith, and what they believe it means. I will personally close this topic if someone tries to change another's beliefs, we're just sharing.

    Edit: And if you have had more than one religion, please, explain.
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  2. shinobi

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    Re: Religon

    you should never speak about religion and politics cause evrey body takes a side and never agrees
    im a atheist
  3. Doc

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    Re: Religon

    And how did you come to be an atheist? What religion were you born as?

    And, like I said, this isn't for people to take sides and say who's right and who's wrong. It's almost an introduction topic so everyone can catch base on what we believe, and it'll help with the future and what we talk about. So stop being so negative and read what the topic's about, and don't change the subject.
  4. Major

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    Re: Religon

    I consider myself agnostic, though I was born a Christian. My family used to go to church every Sunday when I was little and I believed what I was told, like any kid does, but I was never very religious and always hated going to church. Then I got older and smarter, and instead of having blind faith in something I was born into I started questioning my beliefs and looking for answers on my own instead of trusting whatever I was told.
  5. Bunny_roses

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    Re: Religon

    I was born and raised a Christian, and I still am a Christian, and I am raising my daughter to be a Christian. besides going to church on Sunday and Wednesday, she also attends a Christian shcool. So far she absolutely loves both and I have never heard anything negative from her. Although she is just 7 : ) I do look for any changes in her attitude toward either and will deal with it if it comes.

    although I have not changed religion, I have changed denominations. I was born into Southern Babtist and was raised one. I am now with open Bible, which is somewhere along the lines of Pentacostal. I still get a kick out of watching the old southern babtist preachers though LOL

    as for as do I think its right? hmmm well I guess I would not be there if I did not believe in what the Bible teaches. There have been to many changes in my life, (especially in the last 8 years) for me to not believe in God. I never push it on anyone else however. everyone has a right to believe what they want to believe. If that is working for them, great. For me though, life is so much better since I have grown closer to God. by that I mean that I bounced from place to place before I landed where I am today. No more chaos.

    Anyway I guess I answered all the questions LOL

  6. MenInTights

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    Re: Religon

    Anyone who is truly Agnostic, read the book of Revelations. I am blown away by the prophecy that can now be fulfilled that was impossible to fulfill even a few years ago. Just a few off the top of my head:

    Speaks of the nation Israel - There was no nation Israel until 1952(ish)

    2 Witnesses will be seen by the entire world - Not possible until advent of television

    Cannot buy or sell without mark in hand or forehead - Needs no explanation. Many in Congress are trying to get working Mexicans to do this now. Biometric id system.

    Babalyon as large International City - Nobody ever thought babalyon would be rebuilt. Then we invaded Iraq and that's exactly whats happening.

    These aren't vague writings that can be twisted into something they aren't. These are, IMO, big, specific foretellings of the future. If I was an Agnostic and a religious book foretold one of the prophecies, I think it would demand a closer look. And these are just a few things off the top of my head from 1 book in the Bible! There are many more in Isiah, Daniel, Ezechiel, the words of Jesus and many more books.
  7. Doc

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    Re: Religon

    So didn't I say that we were just going to discuss our beliefs, not challenge another's? Off topic one more time, and it's closed, it's posts like that that lead to an argument.

    So, what do you believe, Spence?
  8. AngelsPeak

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    Re: Religon

    I still haven't decided what I believe. I have a hard time with "blind faith" but at the same time feel like something/one more than just what's here on earth has to be out there. This is actually something I've been struggling with quite a bit lately, not sure where my searching for answers will lead me, but I'm still open to all the possibilities.
    My 17 year old is a firm non-believer with some pretty good arguments on her side. My 10 year old absolutely believes in God wihtout question, and my 12 year old isn't sure. I've never pushed my girls to follow my beliefs and respect whatever they choose to believe as far as God goes, it's just to big a part of life not to allow them to come to their own conclusions. Of course, I always try to answer all their questions to the best of my knowledge and can only hope I'm doing the right thing by letting them decide.
  9. Phoenix

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    Re: Religon

    Well, even though I am only sixteen years old, this has been something with which I have struggled all of my life. At this present time, however, I am supposudly an epicopalian christian. When I say that, I dont mean that I am not. I just find my self disagreeing with what some christians say about other religions, sexual orientations, etc. However, episcopalians seem to be radically inclusive when it comes to that, which I greately appreciate.
    I do feel that there is a presence. I do not know if that is a 'god', a higher being, a stream of life that is in us all, or other definitions of 'presence'. I do believe that christianity is not the only religion in which one can reach that presence, and heaven, if it exists. Some people believe that if you do not believe in Jesus, you are going to 'hell'. I strongly disagree with that notion. I think that other religions are just different translations of what the bible has to say.
    The only commandment that I strictly follow is to love your neighbor as your self. Everything follows as logic.
    Omg. I am rambling again. But ya. I dont strictly follow any religion per say, I just follow the teachings of love and compassion that they all teach.
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  10. Bunny_roses

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    Re: Religon

    Angel that is all that you can do as far as your children go. Teach them the best way you know, then it is truly up to them to decide which road and path to take. That is all that I can do. I teach my daughter the best way that I know and believe, but I know that at a certain age,whatever that age may be (and I believe it is different for everyone) She has to make her own individual choice. As a Christian I know that I can only lead her, not force her to take it.

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