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Come on, guys. It's been almost a decade since we've entered the 21st century and still the majority of America abide by a set of religous beliefs. First of all, science is not a "concept based on faith" (according to some people) since it actually produces theories, and new/more effective theories can replace older ones to further adapt mankind to its universe. Evidence is also the core of science, and I for one believe that the "Theory of Evolution" sounds misleading since this "law" has already been proven.

As for religionists, the fundamentals do not ever change and are entrenched completely. But the interpretations themselves are so diverse and localized that there is no way to tell who holds the "right voice." Also, people use religion to only match their own needs, not to "glorify god" or any of the sort. One example would be the belief in god merely to avoid going to hell. And then there is the cultural perspective. Until the middle of the 20th century, fornification, masturbation, oral sex were all in the realm of sin. Nowadays, people don't give a $hit about it and follow all their physical desires, Christian or not. Also, the church has been wrong several times in the past when they stringently claimed(brainwashedly) that god had created the earth to be at the center of the universe. Well? Now it's this and that, and any kind of evidential argument against god is always refuted by "oh, that's just a test of faith." MAJOR Brainwash. The "logical" arguments don't make sense, either. I mean, if god were all-powerful and all-knowing, then why doesn't he just blow the hell out of Satan? What is the meaning of repent when anyone can do it 'sincerely' before they die? I could go on and on, but I have to go eat breakfast so I will get back to my list later.


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20 posts after this one we will have gone in a complete circle and accomplished nothing. That's the usual path for threads about religion.


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You clearly don't understand brainwashing. Brainwashing is non-consented.

Nice flamebait by the way. Do you really expect to change anyones beliefs by trying to ridicule them? Oh and also, please stop categorising all religion as Christianity. It just shows your intellectual ignorance.


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man i dont understand some people.. 20 posts from now, like Corona said Atheists will still be emo faggots who spit on the bible's face and catholics will still have faith in good whipping the bible @ those crazy atheists, all they do is complain.


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Religion is the biggest crock of shyte known to mankind, im not religious in any way shape or form and think the people that are, are daft arses to let themselves to be brain washed in thinking that all is true about whatever religion they believe in. Its just another excuse for peoples of the world to fashion war in the name of there chosen religion.........What a load of old bollocks !!


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I lol'd. Oh, did I ever lol. :lol:

Everyone hates religion, perhaps... But for the sake of REAL discussion (you know, what this thread WASN'T shooting for), what about spirituality? Maybe the hardline religion-ites are a little overboard, but is it really so impossible to believe in something more than ourselves? Furthermore, are we so offended by belief, or is this just another case of religious intolerance? (ie: "you don't believe what I believe, therefore, I believe you deserve to die" (and YES ATHEISM COUNTS as religion/religious intolerance))

EDIT - Actually, I like that question. I believe I'll make a new thread about it...
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I believe in God and I haven't instigated any wars. I haven't harmed anyone by believing in God. In fact, because I started believing in god, I stopped treating people like shit, I started treating myself alot better, and in general it just made me feel a lot happier. It had such a great effect on me, naturally I'm going to want to share it with out people. Whats the harm in telling other people. Naturally I'm not going to bombard them with it, but if they ask, what's wrong with sharing? After reading my post, are you severely injured? Has your day been ruined? Why is it so bad that I believe in something that you don't?