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Relationships at work


Sally Twit
Have you ever been in a relationship with someone you worked with?

There's a few people I know that have tried to work their way round the office and I never understood why. There's also a couple at work that go off every single lunch break and have sex in their car. The worst part about that is that the guy is in a relationship with someone else and they have two children together. It's sickening. Every lunch time they go off together and then when they come back after the hour they eat lunch at their desk so it's obvious it wasn't their lunch they were eating during their break. Beurk.

I'm good friends with another couple at work. I have lunch with them every day. The thing is I can't help but think it must drive them mad. They wake up together, they go to work together, they have lunch together, they go home together and then they spend all night together. I bet all they talk about is work and it must get boring.
There's been a couple of times they've had an argument in front of me and I've had to make up an excuse to go back to my desk as I was so uncomfortable.

Can work and relationships mix?


I ♥ Haters
I can't be positively sure since I've never dated a co-worker but I've seen what happens when you do. It's all good at first but when things start to go downhill, the hostility spills into the work environment as well. These two people I used to work with, dated for 2 or 3 years and even had a baby together. When they broke up, all they did was expose each others private matters to others. Like idiots do in junior high. They were constantly pointing the finger, flaming and baiting each other on facebook and it came to the point were the guy was terminated from his job. I'm sure this isn't true for everyone, but this is just what I saw and know 'could' happen.

I've personally never dated anyone from work. I've hung out with co-workers, but never dated any. I could've bagged an Aussie, if it hadn't been for my work ethics. :D


Registered Member
I worked in a petrol station with my ex-girlfriend. It was great while it lasted, yet we split. It was a while ago, and I can't quite remember what happened, except for the fact I felt compelled to resign my position as it would have been extremely awkward to continue working in the same place as her. Hence, in my experience it is probably a bad thing to mix work and relationships.

Although, I suppose it depends on who you're with, etc.


Babeasaurus Sex
I dated my supervisor once. We were living together and engaged when we broke up. I left the work place.

I'd do it again. Love finds you. How can you say no...?


I'm serious
I'm sure it can work for some people, but knowing myself, I would not want to be in that situation. As much as I can get greedy with my time with an SO, working together would be too much for me to handle.

It's funny you mention the office affair Bliss. I think every office has one. At my previous work (where I left in June) there was this older guy, I am guessing about mid 50's who had an affair with a 20-something yo. They were both married. Of course, the girl got fired when the affair surfaced while the guy still has his career on track with the company - but that is for another thread altogether. I am still new here where I am now, so still trying to figure out who the office affair is. I already have a good idea to who it is though.


Boom Boom Pow!
I've never been in the situation, but I can only imagine that it wouldn't be the best option.

It would get in the way of your work, and when things hit the bricks it can cause all sorts of trouble, not to mention if it goes sour after ending it could make your life hell and the other person could also make your life hell.

I don't think I would like to see my boyfriend at work and at home and everywhere all the time....... not for me thanks.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
We had an office scandal too haha. A director was hooking up with a 23 year old...the director is married with 4 kids. Well, he tried to break it off and end it because it would ruin his marriage and she got clingy and told Human Relations about the entire thing. They didn't fire either of them but re-assigned them to different positions. That was just wrong...normal relationships can be okay.

I've been in one before and it wasn't that weird. I knew I wasn't going to work there my entire life anyways so it didn't matter to me.


It's not me, it's you.
I've had 2...both with the same guy at different companies. haha!

I met my exhusband at a supermarket called Super One. I was a cashier and age 17 at the time...he was working there seasonally when he came back from college when he was on breaks.

I left the job due to wanting to get into a clerical office environment, and he was still working there seasonally. It didn't really cause that much of an issue with us.

We later ended up getting married and when I quit my previous job, I ended up applying for another one at the same company where he worked, and got a position. Originally I worked at the home office, and he worked at an off site location. Later on, they merged his office with the home office, so we would ride together to work every day. I think all of that togetherness sped up the divorce. lol

Anyway, we both still work here, and I only see him occasionally. It's not really that bad, because I work at a major corporation and thousands of people work here. I could go months, maybe even years without seeing him.

But generally I agree that it's a bad idea to do relationships with coworkers. It hardly ever ends up well.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I tend to agree it is generally a bad idea as well but I think it depends on what stage of life you're in. I mean, if it's just a college job that you don't plan on being at for a while then I dont see the big deal of office relationships. Like my personal example. However, if it's your career then I would probably steer clear of that all together. I know people who have hooked up with each other here at work and that too leads to just bad blood and pretty much screws everything up...does more harm then good but to each their own I suppose.


Registered Member
I guess it sounds boring for me :-/......being involved in a relationship with someone you work with.....
This person will be in front of you all the time......at home & at work...and this will make you feel bored!
I think this is the only bad influence I see...:nod: