Relationship Mistakes


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What mistakes have you made (or have observed in others) when getting into a relationship?

I can think of two right now and it's what I remind my friends who I see might be going the same path of failure:

1. Being in love with "falling in love" not necessarily with the person. It's when you become seriously involved in a relationship because you want to be in a relationship, instead of giving much thought to whether the person you are with is really right for you.

2. Making premature compromises. When you change or edit your values, behaviors, and habits in hopes that you and your partner will appear to get along more harmoniously or look "compatible". At first it looks "sweet" (aw, look how she has changed for love's sake), but at one point you may realise that you have lost yourself, you've just created someone your partner will like....someone who isn't really you.


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A friend of mine is staying in a relationship because she feels dependent on him, not necessarily in love with him. She has been with him for five years, and she says that it'll just be too tiresome and difficult to find someone else.

I hate it when people give up too easily, but I also hate it when people stay just because they've been together for years and that they're afraid of not finding someone else. A lot of people tend to confuse dependence with love. You should be able to be your own person even if you're in a relationship.


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When the two people involved in a relationship continually cancel or blowoff their friends.

They will find that when the relationship ends they aren't as close to their respective friends and probably lost a few along the way.

That is the biggest mistake I have seen couples make.

Aside from not wearing rubber.


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My own experiance.
Dont let children take over your relationship,so you become two parents,rather than a couple with children.
To eleborate,my ex and i have three kids,somewhere betwwen the constant stream of things that are needed with young children,we stopped having time for ourselves as a couple,which we have both agreed was a factor of the relationship breaking down.

Changing the way you are to please your partner can be a problem to.
If you change the way you are in the begining to please him/her eventually you go back to the way you were,but your partner may think why is he she changing the way the are,have i done something to cause this.

These are only my observations from my own failed relationships.
One of my biggest problems is my inability to ask for help. I prefer trying to solve everything on my own instead of sharing the burden with my partner.

Also, when someone is so content in the relationship that they let themselves go physically.


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What do you mean by this?
I was going to ask the same thing.

Speed is definitely one that I made with my first relationship and I know countless others who made the same. They get into the relationship so fast and go so far and before they know it, they've burned out.
What do you mean by this?
I've seen couples become so placid that they let themselves go. I don't just mean gaining a few pounds. I've seen some of my friends not even bother combing their hair before their husband comes home. I think it's a huge mistake when you stop worrying about your appearance, kind of indicates that you've stopped caring about the relationship and what your partner thinks of you.