Reid: Vick will make Eagles debut Thursday


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Reid said that Vick won't play the fourth quarter, I personally believe he's going to play in the first half, maybe the entire second quarter.

Which is good for him because that means he'll play with most of the first string on this Eagles offense.


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I was thinking sometime 2nd & into 3rd quarter (if he does well enough to stay in), Reid mentioned he won't hesitate to pull him.
I've heard nothing but good things, he was never the most accurate. I'll tell you this though, if they have it even close to right on Madden, forget about it. Sometimes I feel like it isn't even fair. Factor in the speeds of Maclin, Djackson, & Westbrook. Whoa. Put a spy on Vick and that's it, you can only afford to double one other potential receiver or else you let someone go free in a 3 WR 1 TE set that has B. West on the field, and that is with a 4 man rush no blitz. Trouble trouble I tell ya. Really hoping it works out, though tomorrow doesn't mean everything. He could come out and throw a bunch of Favre like rusty dirt balls, but that doesn't mean he can't still take off and run down the field 30 yards if he sees a lane.


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I gotta agree Philly, he may come out and show some rust when he throws, and he wasn't the most accurate passer anyway, but he can still run. And with the weapons the Eagles have now with all their speed, they're going to be really dangerous. Even if you don't see much from him tonight, hell it's been two years, Eagles fan have to be excited going into the season.


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Breaking News on ESPN is that it's been said Vick will play in the 1st Quarter at Quarterback tonight.

He also got his Bankruptcy plan approved. He will only spend 300,000 a year and the rest will go to savings or to creditors and his lawyers.

(I'd love to be able to say I can ONLY spend 300,000 a year)
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Well I am pretty sure he won't be coming back into the game. He went 4-4 for 19 passing yards he always had one rushing yard. Not the best numbers, but pretty good if you haven't played a game in two years.