Reid: McNabb will start Thursday vs. Cards


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I'm telling ya, he's tiring out. I never expected him to finish the season much less be injury free this far in. I love my Eagles but I seriously didn't think he'd last.


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that will never ever happen lol keep on dreaming. your team needs some major help lol
Oh i knoew to be honest we are escentially an expansion team lol, heres a fun stat we are the 3rd oldest team in the NFL as well, nothing like old an terrible we dont even have young talent
McNabb just had one really shitty game, all quarterbacks have them eventually. Remember earlier this season when Eli Manning could only get 14 points on the board against the Browns?


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The Eagles are just a mess right now. I don't think going to Kolb was a good move unless Reid was going to stick with him for the remainder of the year(which he isn't).

But let's not throw all the blame on McNabb. Sure, he hasn't been as good as he was early in the year but guess what, he doesn't have a running game.

Early in the year when the Eagles were looking so good Westbrook was beasting and now he's nonexistent. Every good QB needs a running game. And the Eagles just don't have that right now.