Reid Flair arrested


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Felony DUI and Heroin found...


That family is just ridiculous sometimes.

Richard Reid Fleihr, better known as Reid Flair (son of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair), is in trouble with the law once again.

According to, he was arrested on Sunday and faces felony charges after Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say they found heroin inside his car. The 21 year old is also charged with driving while impaired and driving with a revoked license. He posted bail and was released on Sunday.

This is Reid Flair's third arrest in the past 2 years. He was previously arrested on on March 4th, 2009 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina for Driving Under the Influence. He was also arrested back on June 23, 2007 for assault and battery.


Sultan of Swat
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This guy cannot stay out of trouble, when I read the title I thought to myself didn't he just get arrested, then I see this is the third time. He might get prison time for this one though, should be interesting to see what happens.