Regarding the Current Speed of GF


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Don't worry, it's not nearly as fast as I'd like it to be either. It actually has a lot to do with some of the code on GF so I'm going to be going through and cleaning a lot of it up, which should help. I'll also tweak settings on the server as well.

I believe I can increase the speed by at least 5 times what it is now by the time I am done ironing everything out.

Don't worry! I'm on it! :D


Guardian of the Light
If it helps at all the site is workable again and actually runs at a decent speed.

The old server just wasn't keeping up as well as this one is so far.


Creeping On You
Wierd, I've not noticed any speed issues. But then maybe I'm used to crappy internet, so any speed is better than the no speed I had.


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Yeah I haven't really noticed any speed issues either, but hey if it can go 5 times faster that would be awesome!


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Other than a few times I haven't really noticed any lack of speed issues either. I've been pretty satisfied on how fast the pages load, but if it can load even faster than I'll take that as well.


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The speed has been pretty good for me, I'm just not able to see many avatars, like on my page I can't see the avatars of my friends or who last visited my page.