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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by Mirage, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Mirage

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    This is an update for anybody who listed a banner in their listings.

    I made two banners on purpose. One said "Talk about this auction at AS" and the other said "Talk about crazy auctions at AS." One is a blatent advertisement, and one is not. The first one provides people with a related link to the auction. The other provides an advertisement, which eBay does not like. Sure they are both the same link, but it's the approach that eBay can call it on.

    The second one is the one that caused trouble. Apparently even after saying "DO NOT USE THIS LINK IN AUCTIONS" people still did! :D

    To fix this, I have uploaded a new one for BOTH images now. It says "As featured on AS."

    I am sorting details on this still and will post here when I get more news.

  2. Nanner

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    As you are sitting at your computer doing all the things for this site.....answering questions.....requests from everyone.....fixing problems......coming up with ideas.......dealing with everybody elses stuff.....pulling your hair may feel like a parent in training :D

    Welcome to Fatherhood! :lol:
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  4. Mirage

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    I have spoken with eBay and I have modified the button to be within their policy. I have linked to their policy in the referral section of our FAQ page if anyone wants to read it. Also from now on if you are going to use a button, please use the updated code. There is a new image, and also a small line of text below it. This needs to stay intact in order for you not to have problems with eBay.

    I apologize for any trouble anyone was caused by the bigger buttons. Hopefully nothing major happened. If so, let me know.

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