Sultan of Swat
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram - According to Sam Smith, NBA Commissioner David Stern has had enough of the complaints made against the league's officials, stating that the negativity created by players and coaches trickles down to the fans. He has quietly told the players and coaches to button it.

"We've sort of delivered the message to the coaches," Stern said. "(When) a coach loses a game because a call went the wrong way, I'm never going to say you can't let off some steam.

"When we started the season we said, `Let's tell the assistant coaches they don't have a lot to add to the dialogue with the officials,'" Stern said. "Next season's project will be to persuade the players. Since I've been commissioner there have probably been 35,000 calls a season times 22, and the next call that gets overturned because a player complained will be the first. So it's not a productive enterprise."


It's true that the coaches or coaching staff do blame the officials after some calls don't go their way yet there are some games where they was clearly a bad call for example, game 1 against Phoenix in the first round in the playoffs where Kobe got poked in the head by Raja Bell i think and they were down by two and that could have tied the game for them.