Referee troubles

WWE has handed down a 60-day suspension on SmackDown referee Chris Kay. The reason for his suspension has yet to be disclosed. The referee roster is thinned out more so because Nick Patrick in on limited duty due to a sore back.


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They are pissing me off. It's priceless when someone knocks the ref out. Serves them right. Wrestling is not like a boxing game, boxing is slow moving, wrestling is fast. They just get in way of a wrestler


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The Refs do their job but sometimes they do get in the way of some of the wrestling go on. I never herd anything like this though but then again I don't hear much. Im sure it has to be a good reason why he is gone. The ref roster needs to be built up a little
Well Andrew I hope I can bring new to you more often that you have not heard about. I am trying to bring back the wrestling part of the forums here. The ref was not suspended for getting in the way he probaly did something wrong like drugs or mistreated a wrestler or something.


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Yeah I doubt that it was because of any type of "getting in the way" I mean if it happened thats all you can do I guess. Hopefully he can come back soon and be just as good if not a better ref then he was before.