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ref number?


Registered Member
I can not find the number I can give to my friend he may use to say I recommend him to come to GF. Can anyone help to know where I find this?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't know this for sure but I thought all he would have to do is put in your screen name in when it asks him who referenced him to GF.

He does this while he's first signing up.


yellow 4!
I never used it but I do remember we used to be able to give a referral link. I've seen it in MyGF before, I'm sure. My computer is being slooow at the moment so it's difficult to look for it, but maybe it's been removed? I dunno. Millz might be right also and an alternative could be for him to just use your screen name.

edit: still can't find it but yeah, after some investigation, apparently the screen name thing works in just the same way as the link.
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