Redskins Safety Sean Taylor Shot

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Mirage, Nov 26, 2007.

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    When I saw the topic title, it didn't surprise me at all. The guy is a thug and I assumed he was shot at a nightclub or something. But he was shot at his home? That's strange. I've never really liked him, but hopefully he recovers quickly. He's definitely a talented player.
  3. Mirage

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    I was doing some reading on him and some stuff came up about him getting into some bad situations in clubs where he had a gun, and things heated up. He obviously made some enemies, but they aren't sure who shot him or why at this point. It could have just been a robbery.

    Anyway I just read that he has died in the hospital from the wounds he sustained. he was shot in the upper leg according to this CNN article, and the bullet hit a major artery. This is very unfortunate. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. :(

    NFL's Sean Taylor dead, friend says -
  4. Major

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    Yeah, I heard about it at another message board. Just terrible. I don't think it was just a random burglary, it sounds like the whole thing was planned. Supposedly his wife tried calling 911 but the phone line was cut. I really hope they catch whoever did this. RIP Sean.
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    I read both articles and it sounded like they were just there to kill him. I was trying to read to see if any of his possessions were missing but it didn't sound like it. Usually if someone breaks in a house, they don't immediately fire shots at someone. They need them to tell them where the things are. I believe this is the second time an NFL player was killed. Earlier this year, a Denver Bronco's player was shot and killed.
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    I don't think this was a random shooting as he has been previously robbed before. It's a shame someone has to go out like that at such a young age.
  7. dmny500

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    Yeah, it's really a terrible thing. It sounds like Sean was hanging around with the wrong people but then tried to separate himself from them and they weren't happy. At least thats what his former college teammate said and said he had a lot of enemies and that the police are wrong cause theres no way it was a robbery.
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    I heard that 4 people ages 17-20 were arrested in connection with the shooting. I doubt they were planning on killing him when they shot him in the leg, but I really hope they are tried for first degree murder. Accident or not tell that to Sean Taylor. Explain to him why his killer(s) are getting anything less than the death penalty. In cases like this I am very pro death penalty.

    Does it seem strange to any of you that he didn't have a body guard at his house? It seems like with all of the money he was making that he should have been able to get one easily. It really is too bad that things turned out this way. He had a long full career ahead of him and it was taken from him by these losers.
  9. Major

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    3 of the guys were charged with unpremeditated murder. The 4th guy hasn't been charged yet. Supposedly they thought it would be cool to rob Taylor's house since he's extremely wealthy. I hate how people think they're entitled to other people's things.
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    Saddest part of this in my opinion is how he had turned his whole life around after his daughter was born. He went back to his home town and cleaned it up and stopped hanging out with his friends that would be a bad influence in his life. I say he was a great football player but honestly that def. takes a back seat to being a great father and influencing his daughter. Now from the age of 2 or so she now has to live the rest of her life without her father i think thats pathetic and i think the people who killed him don't deserve the death penalty they deserve to rot in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives. Along with all the other murders and raspiest out there. I think that it just makes them suffer less when they are given the death penalty and i just don't think that is right.......sorry about venting but im bored out of my mind :)

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