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Redbull creator passes away at age 89


Better Call Saul
Staff member
News from The Associated Press

State media in Thailand say the self-made Thai billionaire who created the renowned Red Bull energy drink three decades ago has died at age 89.

Three decades ago surprised me...I thought it was a new brand haha


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Yeah I thought it was more like 15 years old, lol. RIP to the man that got me started on my biggest vice. Red Bull was the first energy drink I ever tried obviously. I assume that he was the one to really get them started; if so a sincere thanks to the guy that gives me something to enjoy in the morning as work gets started.


Where is my Queen?
RIP to the man that makes Jager Bombs taste good and make you have a good time. Thank you man!!!


aka ginger warlock
RIP to the man that proved you don't have to be a big name such as Ferrari, McClaren or Mercedes in order to do well in the Formula 1.


Free Spirit
Staff member
He must of been about 60 when he came up with Red Bull. Guess its never to late to achieve a new goal. RIP


I am the woolrus
I remember being just a little kid when Red Bull first came out in Ireland. Every single adult was telling us not to go near it so, so drinking it felt as rebellious as getting drunk at the time :p

Like generalblue, i pretty much just see Red Bull as one of the key ingredients of a jagerbomb.... which makes Chaleo Yoovidhya is one of the most important men in history!!


No Custom Title Exists
This is awkward because I thought RedBull has been around more than 30 years. At least he gets legit wings now..



Registered Member
I guess I'm in the minority because I would have guessed that Red Bull has been around for 10-years.

RIP to him.