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Sultan of Swat
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This movie as been talked about quite some time now, and I'm surprised no one started a thread about it. So I felt that I should take the initiative and start it.

This movie looks pretty entertaining, the cast is pretty stacked. The major three stars in this movie are Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich.

It seems like there's going to be lots of ass kicking and action in this movie, also seems like Malkovich is a lunatic in this movie, which is a role that he plays really well.

Here is the trailer:

YouTube - Red - Official Trailer [HD]

Anyone interested in seeing film?


Haters gonna hate.
I am SUPER excited for this movie. The cast is looking spectacular since Malkovich is my favorite actor ever and I think that Morgan Freeman is stellar himself. The plot may look stale, but all in all I still wanna see it.
I saw the trailer recently and thought it looked like something I'd definitely rent. Not a theater movie for me, but I'll watch anything with Mary-Louise Parker in it at least once. Haha.