Red Wings sign F Franzen to 11-year deal

I've never been a fan of huge deals like this. I know you want to lock up a good player, but whos to say he will even been a top player for 11 years? Whos to say he won't break his leg the next year. Plus, I cannot stand Franzen. I wish he'd go overseas to play hockey. Ha.


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This deal makes so much sense for the Red Wings, because they save so much in this deal. I think it's pretty much for obvious for everyone that Franzen won't play his whole contract, by the time it's done hes going to be 42 years old.

I am not sure how the total numbers crunch up, but I believe during the last three years he'll be making one million a year. This works so much for the Red Wings cap, and this will give them a chance to sign Marian Hossa this off season.


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this deal is amazing and worries me. it worries me since everyone is talking about the cap going down in the 2010-11 season. though this shows uber-loyalty to players from the franchise. long term deals might just be the newest aspect of the league.