Red Thai Curry

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    I thought i had already put this recipe here but cant find it so guess i didnt :lol:

    ok i have it with thai noodles ,, i altered it slightly so as to give it a bit more spice and kick,, so just amend as you like.. if you dont want it too spicy leave out the cayenne and chillies.
    Also the coconut i use a bit less than the recipe but it just depends on how coco nutty you like it lol.. it was very nice with the 4oz, but i like it better with just that lilttle bit less,, you can still get the taste but its not over powering.:) Once all the peeling and chopping is done, its very quick and easy to make ,, and delicious!!!:D

    Red Curry Pork with Peppers

    2 tbsp of veg oil
    1 onion roughly chopped
    2 garlic cloves chopped or crushed
    1 or 2 fresh red chillies finely chopped
    1lb of pork fillet, thickly sliced (i dont always use pork, often use chicken or even turkey)
    1 red pepper deseeded and cut into squares
    6oz mushrooms quartered
    2 tbsp of red thai curry paste
    4oz creamed coconut chopped ( i use very slightly less,, maybe 3oz)
    10 fluid oz veg/chicken/pork stock(whichever you have in or depending on wether using pork or chicken
    2 tbsp Thai soy sauce
    4 tomatoes, peeled , de seeded and chopped
    handful of fresh coriander chopped(just use dried if you haven't fresh)
    1 level tsp cayenne pepper or a few dashes of cayenne pepper sauce

    heat oil in a wok and fry the onion, garlic and red chilli for 2 or 3 mins until soft but not brown.
    Add your meat and stir fry for 2 or 3 minutes until browned all over. Add the red pepper, mushrooms and curry paste.
    Dissolve the coconut in the stock and add to the wok with the soy sauce and cayenne pepper. Bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes, until the liquid has reduced and thickened.
    Lastly add the tomatoes and coriander and cook for 2 more minutes, before serving with noodles.

    the noodles only take about four minutes in boiling water, but put a large pan of water on before you start the curry so its boiling a few minutes before you finish..enjoy!:)

  2. idisrsly

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    Awesome. Looks great Saffy. Thanks for sharing. Question - can I replace the pork with chicken? I've always wanted to find a good chicken thai curry recipe. I love me some thai curry!!! om nom nom
  3. Saffy

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    yep ..if you look right next to where i have given the amount of pork in ingredients, thats what i usually do:) I have used pork but i normally use chicken,, and once used turkey,, they are all white meats so no biggie:lol: this is one of my very fave meals its yummy:D
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    Red curry <3

    Just fyi, some of you might find that this amount of red curry paste isn't enough for you, I usually use a lot more than most recipes call for -- this might seem like it would make the flavor too strong, but people always like my curry :D

    I tend not to cook things very authentically, and almost never follow recipes, though, so I'd suggest trying the recipe first, and only changing it if your tastes tell you to.
  5. Saffy

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    Thanks:D yes im always saying just adapt to suit your taste,, i take recipes as an idea really:) In fact in this one the original recipe didnt have cayenne or red chillies;),, i will give it a try with more curry paste thanks as the jar i buy gives me anough for two lots with two good tablespoons, but then you have to use up the other half before it goes off , which isnt long once opened.

    You should put a few of your recipes on too:D
  6. Arathald

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    Yeah, I generally end up using the entire jar of red curry paste. There was a time or two I used less paste and made up for it with equivalent fresh ingredients; maybe your use of more peppers and other ingredients does the same thing, I'd really just have to try it out.

    Since I always cook by eye and feel and never measure anything except for rice and ingredients for baking, it's very hard for me to write recipes. Last time, I ended up *way* overestimating the amounts of spices I put in. But, in true nerd fashion, I wrote a computer program that allows me to weigh my spice containers, etc. before and after cooking, input the weight differences into my program, and get back the correct volumes of different ingredients (automatically scaled to whatever unit will round nicely into 1/8ths). I haven't actually had the chance to try this yet, and I don't have my kitchen scale right now; I'll be getting it back when I move into my permanent apartment a week from yesterday. Once I have this, I promise I'll try to post some recipes.
  7. Saffy

    Saffy Registered Member

    Oh great! i will look forward to seeing what recipes you put on:D I dont have a scale;):lol:

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