Wii Red Steel controls

Red Steel was one of the first games I got with my Wii. I got Zelda, Red Steel, and Trauma Center (which is awesome). I played through Red Steel really quick. However, since playing more games, I have gone back to Red Steel and find it's almost unplayable because of the clumsy, fumbling controls. Which is so amusing because Ubisoft made such a big deal about the game's control being a showcase of what the game can do. Elebits makes use of an almost identical control scheme and tightened it up incredibly. So: anyone else have problems with Red Steel controls?
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Shouldn't it have a built in calibration for you to be able to change the sensitivity and motions? That might help you out a little.
Oh indeed it does. No, the problem I'm having is a fundamental flaw in the control design. The targeting reticule dances about like a drunk ballerina, and the scroll/turning of the screen is like dragging an incapacitated ox across the screen.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
To be fair, it takes a while for all new things to come around. Ever see how buggy Oblivion is? Remember how crappy early PS2 games were? It'll get better, that's why I never buy into the first year of new systems.
I think the controls in Red Steel work perfectly. They're very intuitive. However, I stopped playing the game because I accidentally entered a mission I already beat, and I do not want to go through it again. :mad:


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Can't you go back and pick up where you left off?

I think games like this are still in the "experimental" stages when it comes to exactly what will work and not work with the Wii. You'd think they would have done a TON of preliminary testing to make sure they set everything up the best way but different people will always have different opinions.