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Red Light Cameras


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The other day, I got a ticket in the mail for $75.00. It was from a red light camera set up at an intersection in my city.

The ticket clearly shows me stopping behind the white line. Then, 3 seconds later, it shows me turning right on red (at an intersection where this is legal.).

I am so sick of automated police, that it is just maddening. It's to the point where the city I live in is considering doing speeding cameras.



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Can you not contest the fine?


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I would take it to a judge to see if they can get rid of it. Usually taking a right at a light only requires a yield. I would take it up at your local courthouse.


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Yeah, you can probably have it waved. It's still annoying that you have to go through the trouble though.


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I am so sick of automated police, that it is just maddening. It's to the point where the city I live in is considering doing speeding cameras.
I lived in Alaska for 10 years which is probably the most 2nd most libertarian state in the nation. The police brought these stupid cameras in and the people complained to no avail. Then we got a brilliant idea. Thousands of people purposefully or accidentally got a ticket off one of these cameras and demanded a jury trial. It shut the court system down and the cameras were gone in 2 weeks. :lol: That's the way to fight the automated police.


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Can you not contest the fine?
I think he is arguing the principle behind it. Now he has to take time out of his life to fight this. The city figures most people don't have time to fight it, so they just pay it. It's corruption at it's best.

Until people stand up and stop this crap, the city will figure even if they are wrong, the average person will just pay it regardless and not fight it.


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I live in the UK which is one of the most surveillence heavy countries in the world. There are CCTV everywhere even in tiny little comunities. Everytime you cross a major bridge your car is checked automatically for tax. Speed cameras are everywhere, in the 65 miles from my hometown to where I live there are 7 speed cameras.

Statistics show that speed cameras (even when placed in accident blackspots) do little to reduce accidents. They do however earn valuable revenue for local police services allowing greater police prescence on the street. Is the increase in tech being used not a responce to an increasingly techy world?

These issues do not affect me as I'm a law-abiding citizen. Should I feel Big Brother is looming though?


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In the US we are supposed to have the right to face our accusers in a court of law. We are supposed to have the right to cross-examine accusers. Subpoena that camera and demand an answer to 1. Can you identify for the court the person that was driving the car? 2. Is it not a fact that the car stopped and yielded the right of way before proceeding? If the camera doesn't answer these questions then the ticket should be thrown out. That's how it SHOULD work :lol:

I would fight the ticket, but that is nothing new. I almost always fight tickets and I win.
Here is a resource for you:
Home - Fighting Red Light Camera Tickets
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In California, you cannot be fined for activity caught on traffic cameras. We're lucky, in this case.