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Recurring Dreams


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Do you suffer with recurring dreams? Or nightmares even?

E.G. I have this one:
I haven't suffered with these sorts of dreams in some time, although every so often one will pop up. I hate them. They're sorta nightmarish, but not. Basically, I'm asleep, and at some point I'll wake up but I'm not properly awake at first, I'm half asleep sorta thing. In this moment, which probably lasts a minute or so, I am convinced that certain awful things are in my bed.
Things that have been in my bed include:
Earwigs (I about shit myself at this one - bloody hate Earwigs)
And on one odd occasion, I actually thought there was a bomb in my bed, that was about to go off. In this instance, I proper freaked out and sought help in the form of other people, ripping them out of their sleep in cold terror, convinced that not only was there a bomb in my bed, but that a close relative of mine had gone to get help.

Usually after about 5 minutes, of freaking out, rifling through my bedcovers to seek and destroy said creatures or things. I eventually snap out of it, realise I'm having one of my stupid, annoying dreams and get back in the sack.

Nonetheless, these dreams have plagued me. Not so much now, but still there, memorable and bloody loathsome. The fact they actually spill into my wakefulness and have me act - overact - in a daze, scared or creeped out of my mind is what makes them even worse. the fact, they re recurrent is even worse, as I often ponder whether one will strike up in the night. It's horrid.


Anyway, that's my weird sleeping life -
Do any of you people suffer from recurrent dreams, of a similar style. Or something completely different? Also, how about sharing your experiences in terms of remembering dreams. Have there been some that have stuck in your head to this day? Or are you the sort to generally forget your dreams as soon as you've woken up...



still nobody's bitch
I have a few recurring dreams, and they're mostly location-oriented. That is, I'll dream about certain places, which are actual places in waking life and I know exactly where they are supposed to be located when I'm dreaming about them, but in my dreams they look nothing like what they look like in waking life. But they always look the same in my dreams.

I also have dreams that I have to walk home from wherever I am and it's a really long distance and I'm trying to convince myself that I can do it.


Babeasaurus Sex
The only recurring dream I really have is one where my little brother dies.

Anyone who knows me knows how close I am to him and that would kill me.

Each time he dies differently but it's always because I couldn't save him.

I haven't had it for a while.


Creeping On You
I have two different recurring themes in my dream. One is tornadoes. I live in one of the least likely places for a tornado to happen, but I often have terrible dreams involving them. It's really wierd. Most of the time, I spend the dream running, or finding cover from random tornadoes shooting out of a clear day.

Another I tend to always have is being out in public, with my clothing compromised. Mostly, it's me without pants, or wearing something very embarassing. But for some reason, noone around me notices. I get all worked up in my dream, but then noone notices and so I start to feel fine and just try to make my way home, but for some reason I can't. And then eventually some people start to notice. and it gets embarassing. It's wierd.


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I've only had a few that really replay over and over, but there was a large time gap that went by before they played again in my mind. Which is always weird, but because I always day dream when I'm awake, my dreams seem to be more random at night. When day dreaming, I'll play the same one over and over again to think of different outcomes and what not.



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I used to have this dream when I was a kid:
I'd fall into the Muskingum river, and be swept downstream by the current. A woman who is my mother in the dream is running along the shoreline trying to catch up to me. She has short, black, curly hair, and her clothes remind me of the 40's. She never catches up to me, and I eventually start to sink. When I hit the bottom, I wake up.

The other dream I still have from time to time is scarier. The ghost from the grudge is haunting me, and sometimes the dreams get really bizarre and vivid. For instance, there was a dream when I was a teacher's aide in an elementary school; it was picture day and for some reason the photographers were having groups of kids wait in the bathroom. The bathroom had 4-wall pillars with a sink and mirror on two of the sides. I remember looking at a painting on the wall, and it had a giant dark spot on it that didn't belong, and seemed to seep black ooze, which terrified me so I started to run. Every mirror I passed had the ghost's face in it, and as I turned a corner, she popped out of an empty side of a pillar and grabbed me, pulling me in with her. Then I wake up on the laying on the road outside the school, in a garish pink prom dress. The painting is now in my hand (not in a frame) so I freak out and rip it into four pieces. It's nighttime, and there is only the school and the road, and street lights dotting the way. The goal is for me to get back to town, so I start to run. It seems like I run forever, and finally I can see my apartment building in the distance. I keep running....but then I'm in front of the school again! I feel terror welling up, and then I'm inside the school again. It's dark and the painting is sitting on a table in front of me, next to some ink pens. I grab a red one and try to jam it into my wrist and kill myself, but it won't pierce my skin. And then I wake up.

A lot of those dreams actually end with me outside of my body, watching myself sleep while the ghost possesses me. I've had dreams where she gets into my body and tries to set the house on fire, and I've woken up freaked out thinking everyone's going to die.
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Living in Ikoria
Staff member
This sounds kind of sad, lol, but the only recurring series of dreams that I had were about an ex.

I had mentioned in a thread about how many significant others you've had that the girlfriend that I look back at with the most love and respect was one I dated in late high school. We stayed friends after that (aren't anymore, just drifted apart), and she definitely feels like "the one that got away."

When I was still dwelling on her I often had the same themed dream, that I was with her and we were happy...it would maybe involve a kiss, but it wasn't anything more deep or detailed than that. I would be really happy in the dream, and waking up to the fact that it wasn't reality was sometimes tough. This was several years ago, though, and it hasn't been a problem since.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
When I was kid I would dream about tornadoes and dinosaurs ALL THE TIME. It seemed like I'd have at least one dream about one of those two every single week. It doesn't happen as much anymore but I do still get tornado dreams every once in a while. It's never the exact same dream but something new and exciting every time.


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I have a recurring nightmare but it's really hard to explain. Basically its the feeling that i'm really small, and there is something really big coming crashing down on me, but it never reaches to crush me. As soon as it get's close, it disappears and another wave of it comes along. I think the worse part is that I can wake up from these dreams, walk around and I still be in the dream for a couple hours afterwards. Also, although this sounds weird, birthday cakes always seem to be involved. I've been having it since I was a kid, although it's less frequent now then it was back then. Now I get it if i'm delirious from being sick and occasionally other times.