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Recurring dreams


still nobody's bitch
Got any you'd like to share?

I have a few

The Make Up Dream, in which I am in a drug store (the store always changes) trying to find new eyeshadow and/or nail polish colors. Sometimes it's blush which is really odd because I haven't worn blush in like 20 years.

The Trying To Walk Dream, in which I am having a hard time walking for various reasons - sometimes one leg is shorter than the other, sometimes they just feel rubbery and I can't make them move.

A variation on the Trying To Walk Dream is I'm miles away from home and have to walk home, and I'm always in some part of the town where I live. I know it's my town even though it looks quite different in my dream than it does in reality.

The I'm Back Working At My Most Hated Former Job Dream. No explanation necessary.

I would say I've had each of these dreams a minimum of 10 times.


Wanna play?
The only one I can think of is when I was a teenager. Almost every morning for about a month or so, right before my alarm went off, I'd dream of a man with his back turned to me. He'd slowly turn with his arm outstretched, finger pointing at me, and just as my alarm went off, he'd say "now".
It was freaky enough to stick with me all these years.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
What about your ysabel (er, madame) travel dreams?

I used to have a recurring dream of drowning. It made me think I probably was in the Titanic in my past life. The only time it stopped was when I took swimming classes in the university. I didn't do it to survive in RL, but to survive in my dream (should I dream again of drowning). When I passed the course, I never had the drowing dream again. And well, in RL I still haven't really used my swimming skills. :lol:


rainbow 11!
A few months ago I kept having one where I was raped. In different places and by different people. :shake:


Living on the 0th floor
I had one for years about a child molester that was after me... It was weird because he rarely ever got me. In my dream I couldn't recognize him, but i knew it was one of my brother's friends.


The Hierophant
I have a few different types that go over and over.

The homocide dream. Where I kill people.

The me dieing dream. Where I'm in some situation and I'm set up to die. Or I'm in some sort of industrial incident. Or someone shoots me. Just some way of my death.

There's this one where I'm driving around in my house looking for my uniform for my last job. Which was a white button down shirt, but I end up driving around my house. Then I end up at work two hours late in just my undershirt and black boxers. Stoned.

And I've had the falling dream so many times that I've actually survived the landing and dreampt about that.
Oh, and this other one that I had years ago where I was watching myself sleep. The entire time.
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Son of Liberty
I just had one that blew my mind. Funny enough the first thing I thought of this morning was... I HAVE To either blog this one or talk about it in a thread!

So the dream starts where I'm in front of the office I work at next to our mail box. There's this girl I have no clue who she is... but in my dream I now she's stalking me. I go through like a rocky montage of a day and she is constantly there bugging the snot out of me. I head back out to the mailbox and I'm dropping mail off and she tries to run me over with this Silver BMW. I try to reason with her in the dream and somehow manage to talk her into letting me drive it.

So next thing I know I'm doing 112 in this BMW and I've caught up with these street racers. I blow by them and miss the turn on this sandy cliff.....so the car flies over and hits the other side. Its wrecked and oddly enough the stalker girl is no where to be seen. I open the trunk and see a snowboard. Next thing I know Im using a snowboard on Sand Dunes, then the terrain changes again and I'm in the mountains snowboarding on rocks, dirt, and pine needles. Something happens and I wipe out, but yet I'm still flat footed, the board is broke in two. I look up and I'm at the finish line with all these people cheering, the street racers on their motorcycles pop up... they are actually a black biker gang.

One of them gets off and proceeds to beat the living snot out of me. Dream goes black, next thign I know I'm looking at my body in a hospital bed just laying there like Im in a coma. I start seeing nurses going crazy running in and out of my room yelling for a doctor. I hear a feint beeping and assume its the heart moniter.... The doc rolls in with a cart, and the heart shock pads. The beeping is louder.

The doc cuts open my shirt and starts the whole rubbing the pads together thing. The beeping is deafening now. He puts the pads on my chest, says clear, My body snaps up.

....and then I wake up. The beeping was actually my alarm, I found that relevance kinda funny.

I have no idea what was up with the stalker girl or why I got my ass kicked by a black biker gang. Meh...
i have the island one where me and all of my family is seperated by canals with an aligator..... weird part is my step dad was on one of the islands but i started having the dreams before i met him/knew about him


Registered Member
Since 1995, I have recurring dreams about a huge war, here in Europe (Russia invading Western Europe and the Mid East). Maybe it's because I am very interested in history, read many books and watched many documentaries about it. Since then, I had maybe 40 or 50 of these dreams, and they are always about the same huge war.

At any rate, these dreams still come back every couple of months, and they are very detailed: It's not so much I see myself in the middle of this war, it's more like it was a past war I am reading about in a book or watch in the news, hard to describe.

I don't believe in the supernatural, so I take these dreams just as dreams -- projections of the own fears and uncertainties about the future. But I am really frightened sometimes how the real world seems to have approached this war scenario, after 9/11 and Iraq, that a superstitious part of me is afraid it's the future and this war will eventually take place.