Record breaking performance by Texas



The Rangers won 30-3 tonight, setting a modern record and coming within 6 of the alltime record of 36 set in 1897. Salty and Ramon Vazquez had 2HR's and 7RBI's a piece, David Murphy went 5-7, everyone in the lineup had a hit and only 2 went RBI-less. Un-freaking-believeable, Cabrera gave up 6ER's, Burres gave up 8, Bell gave up 7, and Shuey was the man of the night, giving up 9.

Just wow, baseball games weren't meant to have football scores. Thats 3TD's and 3FG's.


I thought I'd gone crazy when I saw it on I couldn't believe it, and still can't to be honest with you. Whats especially surprising is that they have been the common denominator in a lot of great pitching performance this year, Santana's 17K game the other day, Bedard had a 15K game against them, they've had a 2 hitter thrown against them a few times, Buerlhe's no-no was against them, and then all of a sudden, BOOM!, THIRTY run. Thats TEN times the number the O's scored against them.

(WOOT, POST NUMBER 50 :clap:)


Holy Crap! They slaughtered the O's. Look at the pitching line on this game, wow... Cabrera 6 runs in 5, Burres 8 runs in 0.2(WTH), Bell 7 runs in 1.1 and Shuey 9 runs in 2. Wow their bullpen really blows...




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I couldn't beleive my eyes either when I was the final score. I thought the broadcast station made an error. It's amazing how a team can score that many runs in a game. Here's a funnay stat that I heard when they were talking about this game. The Baltimore Ravens didnt allow 30 runs last year during their games.


The O's have been a no-quit team lately, but what are you supposed to do when you come up in the bottom of the 9th like that?

"C'mon guys, only 27 to tie!"



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When I saw it I just laughed. The Rangers did strike out 11 times in the game and Wes Littleton got a save which I thought was hilarious.


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The day they signed there interim coach to a new contract they give up 30 runs. When I first saw that on a ticker, I thought it was a football game, then I saw it was a baseball game, then I thought it was a typo, then I saw the highlight, and I was like this for real.

Every O's players were probably really embarass after this game, and it's the most games since 1897 which is 110 years old, incredible.


Yeah, it's pretty funny that Littleton got a save. They should modify the save rule, because calling that a save is ridiculous.